"Skidded off the runway, the aircraft company לirbaltic. One runway is locked. Within two hours will operate only one runway. Reduced the number of runway operations," — said the source TASS.

The source of "Interfax" in the emergency services of the Russian Federation said that the victims in the incident no. The spokesman said that on Board were 52 passengers. They staff left the aircraft.

According to the Minister of transport of Russia, all services of the airport is actively working to resolve problems with the towing aircraft and the restoration of the runway. To the question about how he feels the Minister of transport of Latvia, Sokolov said that "everything is normal". "I can't say that a standard situation. But working", he said. Augulis arrived in Moscow at the forum "Transport week".

The passenger of the flight Oksana told Delfi that in Moscow a bad weather, slippery, snowing. "After landing, the aircraft skidded off the strip right in the snow. No one was hurt. Not much was shaking. Passengers 45 minutes waiting for the ramp and bus to the terminal. There was no panic. Experienced those with a transplant. The front wheel of the plane dig," said she.

The airline airBaltic confirmed the incident, noting the type of aircraft (Boeing 737-500) and calling the flight number (BT428 from Riga to Moscow). According to an official, the rolling-off beyond the runway occurred during taxiing after landing due to strong wind and slippery taxiways.

All the passengers were taken to the terminal and the plane was towed to the Parking lot to check. Visual defects of the plane, according to the airline, not.

airBaltic has also apologized to passengers for the inconvenience. The company will be able to provide additional information after complete explanation of the circumstances.

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