As noted in RUP, on the morning of 14 may in Ropazi County was a conflict between the two brothers and their neighbor. According to preliminary data, the man had spoke badly about the mother of the brothers. After a verbal altercation relatives went on the offensive: they already had a machete and a shovel. The men attacked the victim and struck him numerous blows.

The victim lost a lot of blood. To conceal the crime, the brothers dragged a beaten neighbor to a nearby forest, where he was thrown, however, did not take into account the fact that the man in his pocket was a cell phone. At the first opportunity bleeding neighbor called the police.

At the scene arrived employees of the Department in preventing and solving murders, as well as employees of Salaspils and Blockage sections of the police. Joint efforts of the victim found in the woods. He was taken to hospital, but injuries were so severe that the victim had to amputate it.

The next day the suspects 1988 and 1994 was detained. The case is begun criminal process.