"Very scary when there are such destructive natural disasters, but once again am surprised by the attitude of the people in the struggle with the consequences! I read today a lot of posts about how all together help each other... My mom lives alone, and as many yesterday and caught element. After seeing the destruction, she called the rescue Service about elimination of consequences. On what received the answer: no problem, come, get, and write you, dear bill for our services! - says małgorzata.

This basic profit on accident! This elimination of the natural disaster, which must be paid by the state, not by the people themselves! Europe is, in the end, it should be an article in the budget allocation. People live here, working for minimums, to pay unrealistic taxes and needs out of their pockets to pay for the eradication of trees after a storm like this! Or woman over 50 needs to take up the saw and go cut herself? This miracle, as in Latvia there is no one European country - the emergency services are free, no out of pocket not paid for their services either in first aid or help on elimination of consequences of natural phenomena!"

State firefighting and rescue service reported that the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers agreed a list of paid services GPS. This, for example, bus rental service or duty firefighters during social events, e.g. concerts. As regards rescue operations, they all are free.

"When a person calls 112 the emergency services, all work is carried out free of charge. We do not exhibit the tenants of the house bills after the fire. Even cats from trees we remove for free. So in the case of fallen trees - residents do not need to pay anything," - said the representative of the SFRs INTA Sabha.

In total GPS received 220 calls for the elimination of the devastation caused by the disaster. Of these, 100 calls occurred in Riga and its surroundings, including Saulkrasti.

Saulkrasti Duma noted that the government free helps residents to remove fallen trees and branches. "At the moment on the territory of the government work of the enterprise, which provide cleaning of trees and branches, including private areas. The amount of losses we can calculate after having summarized all the information," - said the representative of the Saulkrasti Council Sanita Saxon.

Duma urges residents to report where it is necessary to remove branches and fallen trees, as well as to inform about the damage caused to buildings and houses. This can be done by calling the following numbers: 67951250 and 67142530 or send an e-mail [email protected]

As previously reported, on Monday, the 14th of August in Saulkrasti Duma held a meeting, which will be discussed caused by storm damage.

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