"The boy was waiting for the awards ceremony, clap girls. And when it was his turn to receive the award, he was humiliated. The organizer of the event decided that his behavior my son shows disrespect towards others, and showed how it looks from the outside. All would be nothing if it was not done publicly! Could then, after the ceremony to call up parents aside and make a point. Eventually the child was injured, and to the races to go no longer want. He's just afraid," - says Irina.

According to the woman, the organizer does not consider itself guilty. Moreover, when the portal Ritenvasara.lv other parents began to Express their outrage over the incident, and their comments erased.

As you are to me and I to you

"This is a video taken out of context", so "DELFI Reporter" commented a representative of "Riteņvasara – 2016" Alexander Briedis. According to him, Irina took only the end of the incident, leaving behind the scenes is an important part of why conflict erupted.

The organizer of the event, which is the teacher, does not deny that really made fun of the child's behavior. "When we were awarded the diplomas girls, two boys, including one seen on video misbehaving, fooling around, - the woman tells. The mother was asked several times to calm the child, but in reply she only laughed, saying that "we have so loud a voice". The boy continued to grimace until it was his turn to receive a diploma. I just pictured what he looked like from the outside. It was necessary to put an end to this ugly behavior, so child care for the rest. No wonder there is a saying – as you are to me and I to you".

A grown man should not behave this way

We showed this video of the State Inspectorate for the protection of the rights of the child, and this is how there have commented on what they saw.

"Judging by the video, the boy did not expect such behavior from women, and perhaps frightened, - commented the Deputy of the State Inspectorate for the protection of the rights of the child Inga Krastina. – A woman is trying to show the boy that he behaves badly and interfere with other participants. However, the woman's behavior does not correspond to the behavior of an adult".