"It so happened that in our house only we have the apartment is connected to home phone. This recently started to use the company by knocking out debt. When they can't reach the next of the debtor, they find a directory of home number of neighbors and trying to get information from them, - tells Alisa. We called three times within a few months. Since the working time at home is only my grandmother, she has the misfortune of dealing with these companies. Any information about the neighbors she did not tell all of what she had agreed to transfer the booking agent to the debtor. However, every time I talk to another agent, the grandmother is experiencing a lot of stress since living in this house for many years and knows very well all the neighbors".

After the third such call Alice personally called my agent and asked not to disturb their family, explaining that they have no desire to communicate with collectors and help them. The Manager assured that he has made this information into a database and family won't bother you again. Two months were quiet. And last week, according to the girl, the phone rang again.

"Only this time the Manager decided to cheat and told the grandmother that she allegedly found documents in the name of the person who lives in our house and wants them back. Grandma asked directly what company was calling, but the girl assured what is a private person, her name is Margarita and asked to transmit your number to our neighbor," says the reader.

Alice knew who actually owed and who is looking for collectors, so she had decided to go to the trick to figure out from which company to bother them.

"I pretended to be the debtor. Called the Manager left the room, said it was given to me by neighbors and even told that were found in my documents. The girl asked him to call my name (I named the name of the debtor) and said he would call back. 40 minutes later I get a call from a company representative Citizens of Regina lapa, which reports that calling in connection with my credits - tells the reader. - I immediately told the truth that you are not a debtor, and the purpose of my call is to receive comments, on what basis they are cheating people and on what basis the company's representative reports that he is a private person. Of course, nothing intelligent Manager could not answer, so I asked to me contacted their head. As expected, no one has not contacted me. And recently I learned that about a specific debtor agents are calling in the neighboring house.

It is for the reason that the response from the leadership of the Citizens of lapa I received, I would like to get the advice of readers and editors. How legitimate these actions of employees, and whether there is a law that regulates the operation of companies by knocking out debt? Do they have the right to deceive people, it is good this situation can be compared to a hoax, when they call older people and extort money because their relatives are allegedly involved in an accident. The situation is of course completely different, but in both cases, people provide false information for the purpose of making a profit. The only difference is that the company's debt collecting work officially!"

"Today will help You tomorrow will help You!"

In LTD lapa Melnā claim that he called the number listed only once – on may 11, as it was necessary to contact the deadbeat living in the apartment next door.

"However, I want to emphasize that our goal is not to get information from neighbors (such questions in an interview there). The only goal is to leave our phone number to the debtor, which for some reason are not timely received the information, had the opportunity to contact us. Unfortunately, many debtors do not receive information about their obligations on time, which in the future has a bad effect on their credit history. These actions are not illegal, since our company operates in full compliance with the Latvian legislation, including based on the law on Extrajudicial recovery of debt", - stated in the official commentary, OOO Citizens of lapa.

The company expressed regret over the inconveniences delivered to a specific reader, but then said: "However, we could not know that these calls come in regularly from other agencies".

On this occasion, the collector decided to appeal to all the people who have debts: "do Not be afraid, by the contact with the companies that work with their debt, as a timely response helps the best way to solve the problem. Our goal is to help debtors, and the time in contact, there is a possibility to agree on a loyal chart, to pay the debt without penalties and in some cases even reduce the amount of debt.

The company Melnā lapa believes that the debtors are the people who are in difficult life situation, and makes every effort to ensure that people received information on time, and are not faced with severe consequences in court, forced foreclosure and ruined credit history. Asking people to be sympathetic and understanding, because will help You today and tomorrow will help You!"

Collectors use prepaid cards

The work of collectors adjust The law on extrajudicial recovery of debt. The right of collectors to affect the debtor's very limited, actually they can only inform:

  • to send a warning letter (and the fee of the firm for that work now may not exceed 17 euros – for this reason a number of letters from collectors decreased, but increased the number of calls)
  • call the debtor, and in a fixed time (not allowed to call on Sundays and public holidays and between 21:00 to 8:00 and 21:00 to 23:00 without prior approval).
It is clear that the firms to recover debts are interested to work as efficiently as possible, so the requirements of the law are often ignored. Commenting on the specific case of a reader, Board member of the Latvian Association of borrowers Ivar Rudi notes that in his practice, he is often faced with such situations, but to attract unscrupulous collectors to justice is impossible. "The scheme works as follows: collectors are given a list of phone numbers of debtors to their freelance workers or full-time home workers, and those making calls using prepaid cards. That is, even if the conversation will be recorded, to prove the fact of violation impossible. As soon as we begin to find out who called, it turns out that the phone number is not registered to a specific collection firm, and the reaction of the collector – we just want to specify," explains Ivar Rudi.

Important: according to The 9th article The law on extrajudicial recovery of debt collectors have no right to disclose to third parties information about the debtor, without his consent.

What to do if collectors continue to "bomb" calls? If the creditor debt exceeds my humble powers, you have the right to appeal to the Center of protection of the rights of consumers.

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