On the lake Jugla are not allowed on any swimming facilities until JULY 1. Also prohibited the use of gasoline engines ( none of the Latvian lake there is no such hard law). The law is absurd and defies logic, but once it is, then what happens there? Fishers on our so-called protected lake not only swim on the high power motors, but also to completely block the only traps run-of-river input into the lake and the river Jugla. Where is the justice? Who issues the license?

On the lake Jugla Meri has never been, and see them there nasty! Fishermen fined for the lack of a bailer in a boat! And commercial elite everything is permitted? Comments about commercial fishing for research purposes, which says stammering girl, disgusting to listen to, funny and sad! The pace in a very short time for our children to catch will have nothing, and to watch it be nothing!"

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