"Close proximity to a school, Kurzemes Avenue 158 and kindergarten (Talavas Gatve 7). Dogs run between the private sector and the residential district, past the school and kindergarten. Animals are hungry and aggressive. Pedestrians are constantly forced to turn around and go in fear, as the dogs are ready to attack from behind. Today we have seen how the man had shrugged off these dogs, was forced to simulate throwing stones to scare away animals.

Have you tried talking to the owners, but they claim that this street belongs to the dogs. Moreover, they made in the fence an opening so that the dog could safely go out for a walk. Called the police, but nothing has changed. Is responsible service will respond to the problem only after some of these dogs injure a passerby, or God forbid, a child?!"

"DELFI Reporter" found out where to go if a bunch of dogs holding at Bay the entire district.

First, call the municipal police (in your area). "Police are obliged to respond to the call to come to the address and check dogs' vaccinations, chip and registration. Even if this thing is all right, the owners should be held accountable. The matter of violation of public order", - says the representative of the animal shelter Danuta Mežavairogi Priedniece.

If the police ignore you, call the veterinary clinic of Dr. Beinerts (she works around the clock, in Imanta there is a branch - approx. ed.) from the clinic signed a contract with the Riga city animal shelters and Ulubele Labās mājas. The dogcatcher to catch stray dogs and bring them to one of the shelters. And then let the host know.

Well, perhaps the main question – what to do if on the horizon appeared a bunch of dogs. "There is no universal formula, we need to look at the situation, says Danuta Priedniece. – The first thing to do is to stand still and not make sudden movements. If this is the mother with the child, the child is better to put in the stroller or simply to obscure, to hide his face. The fact that the head of the child and the dog – about the same level, that is why children are most often injured the head and face. If a person stands still, the dog will not attack. She might even lose interest and run away. If there is a fence, you can lean back on him and try to give strict commands such as "sit". If it is a residential area, call for help. Have no fear, a loud cry will not provoke the dog. If she sees the man, hurrying to help, it will distract her attention and you will be able to slowly retreat. But in any case not to turn the dog back and do not try to escape".

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