"In the above plot, we are forced to walk to the bus stop of public transport together with children in the winter through snowdrifts on a belt or on the roadway near the wheels constantly passing trucks and other vehicles. Forced to walk past the containers, which are loaded every day near a road SO (yeah, its inner private area to spend it who need...) that you have to either pass under them, at the time of loading and unloading operations, or to walk on the carriageway, risking several times a day to be whipped by the machines.

Drivers of cars, in turn, absolutely not embarrassed, go around the traffic jam on the side or in the back towards the pedestrian, not being lazy to open the window to cuss out and to signal that we are there (Yes, fly we still have not learned, and what is right ON the ROADSIDE, according to the rules, it is possible to go around the tube not allowed, so it's the little things, and on the opposite side of the road, too, love to break the rules - to put a truck or a passenger car (for an hour or more) mounted under the stop sign is forbidden). And fashionable the body of the machine poprinimat - scare pedestrians, they say to mind to mind to teach you not to go by the wayside. And EVERY DAY we go to school and from school with children, fearing for his life and the child, as either crushed by a truck or crushed by container ship.

There is simply NO other roads, but today they have really stripped the last of the path, setting the grid with a sign for pedestrians not to go, promising soon to protect their territory with a fence to the roadway. Businessmen direct text saying: we don't care how you get to the houses, change the place of residence, we have a business here.

When transferred to the public transport stop "Krustpils street" to this place to build another gas station, no one took care to residents-pedestrians is not affected. Get what you want. It remains to go in the opposite lane, because there's NO other way!

According to readers, the responsible services do not react to the problem. "Suddenly, everything would not respond, and then redirect somewhere. Of course, it's not the taxes we collect, there would be crowds to get the latest lingerie. THESE 300 meters of pedestrian paths were not in the example needful for the preservation of health and life than the bike path along the river embankment towards Darzeni. As far as I know, the residents of the street Krustpils (my neighbors) have already contacted the city Council about the sidewalk and lighting for our street, but was refused".

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