"Two days ago, someone posted a very neat packaging used fluorescent lamps. It's about 50 pieces. Lamps industrial, length 1500 mm", explains reader and an excerpt from Wikipedia: "All fluorescent lamps contain mercury (in doses of from 1 to 70 mg), a poisonous substance of the 1st class of danger. This dose may cause harm to health if the lamp breaks, and if constantly exposed to the harmful effects of mercury vapor, they will accumulate in the human body, causing harm to the health".

"Wheelie car description this morning, of course, took a dangerous cargo. They have no right to interfere with their household waste. Soon lamp garbage site is gone. And after a day found. They are lying broken on the railway tracks parallel to the street Saulgozu, the fragments scattered in a radius of 500 metres. Just think - half a kilometre! A place where the locals walk with dogs, where athletes run, where the mass of people walking to and from work, - continues Oleg.

Many and maybe almost all of you reading these lines now, no doubt always clean up after themselves. Convey or deliver it to the trash. And many smokers convey your cigarette butt to the trash? Already less confident in their cleanliness? There is a neat tourists who pile all their garbage after the picnic into a tight package and leave it under the nearest Bush. Who do they leave a vacuum packing from under the barbecue or smoked sausage? Stray dogs and crows? This package and not a day will lie untouched -- Who is reading these lines at least once seen to be gently exposed to the television waited for the garbage truck? And how many of them at least once to set the TV to the garbage cans?

Rent the batteries in specially placed bins in stores? And the old phone is also disposed of? But a singing Teddy bear was thrown together with a heart and the battery? Mattress set neatly near the container, after a few hours turns into a mountain of foam and rags behind the nearest Bush. The bag with bottles, carefully left homeless, becoming a mountain of glass, or subjected to "sorting" nearby in a quiet discreet location...

In the oceans swim the whole Islands of plastic lids from bottles. I wonder what the size of the island would rise from the cigarette butts, if they did not sink? How many fisherman smokes in a day? How many cigarette butts thrown into the rivers with bridges and boardwalks?

Can we stop pretending that we (you, me, you, them, all, no - underline) does not apply? How we leave this planet to our children? Grandchildren? Let's cancel the plans for Saturday? Go out and get your neighborhood cleaned up? How? Very simple!

Instructions for putting in order of its habitat, area, city, country, planet:

  1. Go to the site www.talkas.lv
  2. Looking at the map was Saturday the one that is closer, more convenient, more preferable. Contact the coordinator, ask questions.
  3. On Saturday come to the problematic area to breathe fresh air, be engaged in socially useful work, clean your house, your neighborhood and SAVE the PLANET".