"From the plot to go on the strength of two minutes, but the police obviously was in no hurry. As they drove, this inadequacy has shifted to the railway. Upon arrival, the police wouldn't even come to the base, where was the challenge and did not bother to get out of the car to check the area! Stood for a moment around the corner at the bus stop, they just left!

We again called the station asking to take a strange fellow. Seeing a police beads, inadequate pulled his cap down and tried to hide in yards, but very soon realized that escape will not work. Then he, as if nothing had happened, went to the police car, leaned on her and became about something a nice conversation. Cops even came to check the documents of the man who a moment ago ran away from them! They about something talked and released the comrade.

We come to ask why the police let go absolutely insane person. The answer is simply killed. "It is absolutely adequate," said the team. Then it turned out that they were not as to take him to Riga for examination that keeping it in the plot they can't either. So what happens – let them walk around the city? So what? We know this man is the local drug addict. So directly said call to Riga and explain how our Ogre police. Ambition the team soon diminished. They catch up to the boy and sat him in the car. He didn't even resist, and it soon became clear why. Half an hour later, he again went free, had a bottle of beer in his hand.

According to passers-by, this is not surprising, the local police have long cover point and drug addicts, many of whom are their friends. And the salary for such workers, we pay you".

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