"My six year old son hurt his finger. At home, we provided him the help he needs, but soon realized that need a specialist - it was unclear, broken finger or no, - says Alexey. – About six in the evening, my wife and son arrived in the emergency room Children's hospital. Sitting, waiting, until we're accepted. The hospital is very stuffy, I asked the girls at the reception a glass of water that I sent to the machine. Water was not there, but all of the fizzy shit in bulk. But all this stuff.

It's been two hours. My question is, why take the other, and we've gone, the answer came: "you Have a "white" status, there are sick fish to fry". Of course, I understand there are children who need urgent help. But I didn't see that someone brought in ambulances or wheeled in on a gurney. Talking with other parents. It turned out that many complaints are about the same. But for some reason they take (even those who arrived later), but we do not.

The child was screaming from pain?

Four hours later I could not stand it. I have a child with special needs, and he needed to take medication which we left at home (nobody was expecting to have to wait so long!) I'm back in the registry: "Girls, cute, well, what can I do? Can you buy candy or flowers? Can money give? WHAT can I do to make us last I looked!"

And it turned out an interesting thing – the system we skidded only in 18.30, although we arrived at about six. You can't prove. I was given a white blank with the words: "If something doesn't suit you, write a complaint". "Well. But the complaint that we sit for four hours, you need to somehow justify, " I say. - Please, print out the sheet, which shows the time, how much time we skidded into the system". Was refused. Then I began to demand of the chief physician or someone from the administration. Yes, I confess I was nervous, but I'm not yelling and not rowdy. I just wanted to find out that this is the absurd situation. In the end, the article in "DELFI Reporter" experts have made it clear – in case of problems, please contact the management of health facilities. It ended up that instead of the physician got a guard, and my kid just put out the door. Well, tell me, is this normal?!

In the end, we went to the hospital in Ziepniekalns. It turned out that the finger is still broken, the child was put in plaster. I don't understand – the son should be yelling from the pain that we have? How they determine this priority in the queue? The eye?"

Why didn't you call the chief physician

For comments, we turned to Children's hospital. Our questions are answered, the representative BKUS Dace Preis.

- Why I had to call security?

- Conflict situations we always try to settle through negotiations. Security service is designed to ensure order and the safety of patients. For help we turn to it only in extreme cases – when visitors begin to behave rudely and aggressively. It happened that teams were being started, for example, to push. Several times I had to even call the police. Obviously, in this particular case, the man started behaving aggressively, so I had to call the security guard.

- Why, at the request of the patient call the physician or someone from hospital administration?

- After 18.00, the hospital operates in the standby mode. None of the doctors and the administration was no longer in the workplace.

- Why the receptionist refused to print from the system sheet, where you specified the time when the patient entered?

- This was not necessary. Receiving a complaint, we verify all the information. In this case, we would ourselves have made a request and checked out how much a specific patient, we have received.

- How in the emergency room to determine how urgently the child needs help?

- When a child enters the emergency room, it examines the health care provider. It evaluates the health status of the child and based on this decides how urgently he needed medical care (the so-called degree of priority). This is necessary in order to be first to a specialist were those children who need urgent assistance, and it is a matter of life and death. If injury to the lungs, were received a few days ago, the child has no high temperature observed light pain (that is, there are complaints that can handle the family doctor), waiting in line can take hours.

- According to Alexey, in the emergency room in the queue sat patients with the same complaints, but why they took it, and it is not

- Emergency Department at Children's hospital is set up in such a way that the visitors see not everyone brings "fast". Therefore, it may be a deceptive impression that waiting for my turn only to those who have minor injuries, and the queue is moving very slowly.

From red to white

Now about the system - about why some people pay sooner, others later, and about what "white status".

First, all fall into the so-called zone of the sort (Yes, sounds scary, but as it is called), where the initial examination of patients. It produces a physician's assistant. Depending on the complaints, the patient is assigned a category (priority). It depends how long you have to sit in a queue to see a specialist.

This system is not new. At the children's hospital she works for two years. A similar approach is used in the hospital. Paula Stradina Riga Eastern hospital.

In children's hospital use the system five colors. If the child's condition is critical, it is assigned the red category, and the inspection is carried out immediately. If issued orange category, the waiting time in the queue to 15 minutes. These categories are assigned, if the child is unconscious, he has trouble breathing, received polytrauma, there are cramps, heavy bleeding or if baby is under three months, which is a fever.

The yellow category is given in the case, if not life-threatening, but complications can occur. The waiting time in the queue is one hour.

Patients who were assigned to the green category, unable to wait their turn for two hours in turn, the waiting time for "white patients" is not limited. The white category is assigned to those who have appeared the symptoms of the common cold, there are bruises, lungs or received a few days ago, injury, vomiting, prolonged coughing, constipation.

If during the wait the child's condition began to worsen, parents are asked to immediately contact the health care provider who performed the initial examination. The category will change.