This example proves how important it is to increase funding for medicine, the head of the Ministry of health.

According to Chakri, it is quite clear, why the medicine is needed extra funding. About 30% of people in Latvia die in working age. Causes of death — illness and external circumstances. If you reduce the effect of dangerous factors, you can increase the healthy life expectancy of the population and quality of life that will contribute to improving the demographic situation.

Without active steps to improve the situation in Latvia may decrease the level of welfare of the population and growing medical costs. Consequently, poor health and high mortality rate represent risks to the national economy.

The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) concluded that, despite the small resources, the Latvian health care system is effective, but important issues of access to medicine for the population — should reduce private expenditures on health care, to achieve more effective prevention, to continue the reforms in the sector of hospitals.