Federal judge of the city of Grand rapids (Michigan) Janet Neff said that 54-year-old Nassar "should never have contact with children".

Law enforcement officers in 2016 found on the computer of the coach 37 thousand pornographic materials.

Previously a gymnast Gabrielle Douglas stated about the harassment by Nassar. "I have for many years not publicly talked about this, as about much else, as we were required to maintain silence. But some things were incredibly cruel," wrote two weeks ago, the Douglas in his instagram.

In January this year it was reported that Nassar was accused of sexual harassment 18 athletes who filed a Nassar in the court.

According to athletes, the doctor engaged in harassment for 20 years under the pretext of medical examinations. The names of the victims are kept secret. It is known that they performed in gymnastics, softball, basketball, soccer, figure skating, and swimming.