The former head of Soviet security in Lithuania, speaking as a witness in "the case concerning the events of January 13," said that fully confident that all actions that night had been agreed with Gorbachev, informs Agency BNS.

"I am 100% convinced that all actions were agreed with Gorbachev. If this action was committed with the knowledge of Gorbachev and Kryuchkov, to stop her could only for themselves and nobody else," said the Vilnius County court, Armonas.

According to him, KGB Chairman Kryuchkov SSR during the events of January 13th in Vilnius called the heads of the KGB of the Lithuanian and inquired about the situation in the Republic.

This case is one of the largest in terms of volume and number of accused cases in the history of the courts of the independent Lithuania. In the dock — two people, more than 60 defendants prosecuted in absentia. They are charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. The victims in this case — almost 500 witnesses — about a thousand. The case consists of 709 volumes, only one -- the indictment of 13 volumes.

The Prosecutor's office of Lithuania case "13 January" was initiated nearly 20 years ago. In 2010, the cases against 23 suspects (most of whom are Russian nationals, and two are citizens of Belarus) have abolished the Statute of limitations. The suspects are wanted on the territory of the European Union.

29 January in the district court of Vilnius began the reading of the indictment in the case concerning the events of 13 January 1991 in Vilnius when the troops were introduced, and in the storming of the television center 15 people died and around 600 were injured.

The Prosecutor General's office of Lithuania on "the case of January 13" in absentia accused the 92-year-old former Minister of defence of the USSR Dmitry Yazov in creating "an organized group of 160 military and political figures to return Lithuania to the USSR".

According to the version of the Lithuanian Supervisory authority, Yazov and his associates instructed other officials to "prepare a plan for the change of power in Lithuania, draw up a list of strategically important objects subject to seizure, including state authorities and control objects, media, communications, communications".

According to the document, "January 11, 1991 with the implementation of the plan of criminal acts through military action were initiated aggression by the Soviet Union and the armed conflict in Lithuania".

In February of this year the defendants in this case are citizens of Russia Gennady Ivanov and Yuri Mel (ex Soviet officers) and their lawyers stated in court that does not recognize his guilt. Participating part in the process as the accused Ivanov and Mel served in Lithuania in January 1991.