Need content of Sprūds under arrest, the court will review after two months. The arrest was applied to the Spruds June 9, and all attempts by lawyers to secure his release were unsuccessful.

According to the Criminal procedure law, a suspect in a felony crime can be kept under arrest more than 24 months, including pre-trial process is not more than 15 months. Spruds is a suspect, and who knows when the police will submit the case for prosecution.

The protection offered to release the Spruds bail or set the house arrest. According to the Declaration of officers, Spruds has accumulated cash 310 000 euros. Part of the money seized during the search, but the arrest is not imposed on them.

The lawyer further characterizes the arrest as unfair and allows for the possibility to appeal to the European court of human rights. The argument of the police is that Spruds may hinder the investigation.

Yet he gave no evidence and believes that the case against him initiated without reason.