The University may accept students only by licensed programs. The license confirms the right of the University to accept and train students. In turn, the accreditation of the University and its programmes means that the University can issue recognized in Latvia diplomas. Moreover, the information of the University or College about its accreditation may be inaccurate, so it needs to check notes Gertmane.

If the University accepts students on a licensed but not yet accredited programs. He must enter into a contract with another University that in case of failure to accredit programs, its students will be able to start teaching with him to another University.

If a student completes training in an unaccredited University, then it will only get academic help, and, for example, health workers, lawyers and teachers in employment needs to have a diploma.

At the same time, the University may withdraw the accreditation in advance, as it happened with the Latvian business College.

Latvia only 56 schools: 17 public high schools and many colleges and 13 private high schools and nine colleges.