According to them, the Queen allegedly told his inner circle about the intention to hand over her crown to a successor in the 95. Elizabeth II is planning to ask for the adoption of the so-called law about the Regency, so even when life is handing power to his son, 68-year-old Prince Charles, sources told the Daily Mail.

According to one of them, Robert Jobson, to prepare for the transfer of the crown is already underway. "I spoke with several high-ranking courtiers, who made it clear that the preparation for a regime change moving forward, - said the interlocutor of the edition. They all confirmed that the Regency of Charles, who took the initiative, now at least it is a real possibility".

In 2017 Elizabeth II turned 91. If you believe sources, it appears that the throne she will leave in 2021. Charles in case of his accession to the throne would be the oldest monarch ever crowned in the UK, marks "Interfax".