The money was part of a scheme for 320 million dollars, opened shortly before his death, Magnitsky, noted The Financial Times.

Browder appeared before the home Affairs Committee of the house of Commons, hearings which were devoted to the question of efficiency of application of the law On proceeds of crime". According to him, the Fund conducted an investigation and the documents obtained from an unnamed Russian source, has revealed evidence that money from the scheme, which investigated Magnitsky, were transferred to Britain. Funds received from the Lithuanian and Cypriot accounts offshore firms, said Browder.

He claims that two million dollars of the 30 were allegedly transferred to the UK companies linked to banker Dmitry Kluyev, whom he called "the alleged mastermind behind tax fraud. In addition, the head of Hermitage Capital, speaking to British parliamentarians, said that the country received money has been spent on luxury items.

According to information available to Browder, 240 thousand dollars were spent to pay for yachts, 175 thousand for the rental of a private plane, almost 200 thousand cost of services of designers who worked on the design of housing and yachts. Moreover, another 115 thousand dollars went to the expense of one of the real estate companies of London, almost 300 thousand — in no-limit credit card, Glamour, tens of thousands of dollars have been spent on designer clothes.

In his speech in Parliament Browder also criticized the UK government for inaction in the Magnitsky case." According to him, five times he appealed to the British law enforcement authorities, but they never started the proceedings. "I can't even describe to you the difference in the reactions that I received in France and the USA", — he said.

In early April, the name of Dmitry Klyuev was quoted in media publications, dedicated to the former UK attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith, who, according to journalists, "was to represent the interests of the lawyer of alleged Russian criminal clan". It was reported that in March 2014, goldsmith was hired as a "legal Advisor" the Russian lawyer Andrei Pavlov. His name was mentioned in connection with the high-profile case of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Pavlov previously worked as legal counsel for Russian businessman Dmitry Klyuev, claimed the journalists of the Daily Beast. The latter is called "the organizer of criminal community" — the so-called "Klyuev group". He Klyuyev denies it, wrote "Vedomosti". The Daily Beast calls the Klyuev criminal "authority".

In April 2014 the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it recommended the EU Council to impose sanctions on 32 members of the "Klyuev group", including Pavlova. But the Council still has not imposed sanctions neither Pavlov, nor on other entities.

As reported, the employee of Fund Hermitage Capital, partner of British law firm Firestone Duncan Ltd. Sergei Magnitsky died in a Moscow prison on 16 November 2009. He was arrested on charges of tax evasion. Colleagues of Magnitsky and Browder, the head of Firestone Jamison Firestone said that Magnitsky was arrested after he uncovered corruption schemes, which was involved in some officials and employees of the interior Ministry of Russia, including Pavel Karpov.

Participated in the investigation of one of criminal cases involving Hermitage Capital, Karpov sought through the courts in Russia and the UK stop the spread of false information. He demanded to recover from Browder, Firestone and company Hermitage Capital compensation for libel.

4 June 2015 the Moscow city court ruled to collect from the Fund Hermitage Capital, Browder and Firestone eight million rubles in favor of Karpov for his claim about protection of honor and dignity.

11 July 2013, the Tver court of Moscow sentenced in absentia for William Browder to nine years in prison on charges of tax evasion amounting to more than 522 million rubles through falsifying tax returns and illegal use of benefits intended for the disabled. In this crime the court found him guilty and the deceased Magnitsky. Two weeks after that, Russia announced Browder on the international wanted list.