According to the Agency, the criminal proceedings initiated under three articles of the Criminal law: the illegal financing of the party for intermediation in the illegal financing, as well as for the adoption and extortion of illegal funding.

The portal" notes that the criminal proceedings initiated in connection with "money matters" Kaminia. Rather, it is the consequences of the statement in law enforcement bodies has addressed a former member of the KPV LV Ilmars Poikans.

As written in the statement Poikans, he became aware that'sh could get the money from the Swiss lawyer Rudolf Meroni, who is engaged in the storage of seized in the interests of the Latvian state property, including Aivars Lembergs. This'sh did not identify these means in the Declaration of officials, and may not have indicated them as a source of party funding, said Poikans.

According to him, the leader of the party KPV LV tends "to mislead and manipulate his opinion in the interest of the individual or customer who criminally uses for this purpose the government owned the means".

According to released in January according to the Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption, the party of ' Sh KPV LV in 2016 donated only 735 euros.