However, this time the weather favours activists — according to the Latvian centre environment, Geology and meteorology, on the weekend, Latvia will be under the influence of cyclones, which are characterized by rain and gusty winds. On Saturday and Sunday for most of the country is expected to intermittent rain and sleet. Intensify South-West wind gusts, which will reach 15-18 meters per second.

As reported by Delfi readers, due to adverse conditions, some of the organizers have already notified the potential participants of the Big cleanup on the decision to postpone the cleanup to next weekend, April 29-30. However, official statements on this issue have been reported.

If the weather is not an obstacle, to see the scene of the Big cleanup on the portal, where in addition to the interactive maps available a detailed list of territories with explanations from the organizers.

Note that the Big clean-up day 2017 will be already the tenth in a row for Latvia. She had the idea at the time, borrowed writer Anna Zigure Estonians. Last year, the popularity of "the Big cleanup" on par with the 2011 record on cleaning and accomplishment of territories received more than 190,000 Latvians. Overall the day was collected in 1989 tons of garbage.

The official patron of the Big cleanup is the President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis. "The big cleanup is a great opportunity to do something tangible with their own hands to seize on nature and beautify Latvia in the spring. Use the opportunity to be together and we appreciate how much beautiful land we have", — says the head of state.

According to tradition, will take part in the clean-up and deployed in Latvia NATO soldiers.

The date of the Big cleanup fall and announced in Riga, the Month of purity in which the Executive directorates are mandated to involve in cleaning the population and to put in order municipal territory. The company Rīgas meži cleans and removes waste from forests and parks and the Department of communication will clean the spot and roadways, and to remove the sand from the streets. The police authorities and the administrative Duma on hold at this time, the raids to identify neglected areas and buildings.