According to the poll, 57% of Germans believe that their country should not send military to protect the Baltics and Poland, if they attack Russia.

For the German military helped defend other Nations were 31% and 12% was not a definite opinion, reports Expert Online.

Ordered the survey of German Fund RIAC program Manager Natalia evtikhevich, argues that such attitudes are determined by German pacifism and the view that Russia is not a threat.

"Because historical experience and concerns about sending the German army in the place to which it had previously attacked and occupied, may be even stronger," — said in the report.

In the survey residents were also asked about whether NATO to establish permanent bases in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. Negatively to this question was answered by 49% of respondents positively — 40%, the rest 11% of respondents had no opinion.

The survey from March 4 to 12 was carried out by TNS Emnid. It was attended by 1,000 people in Germany aged over 14 years. A survey commissioned by the German the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Institute of public Affairs in Poland.