Bulgaria on Friday, 18 March, conducted training to strengthen the borders in case of mass breakout attempts of illegal migrants. According to the Ministry of defense in Sofia, on the border with Macedonia were concentrated units of the armed forces and police special forces. "We are trying to improve the interaction in order to cope with the migration crisis", — said the Minister of defence of Bulgaria Nikolay Nenchev, attending the exercises together with his Macedonian counterpart Zoran Jolevski.

For its part, the Ministry of internal Affairs in Sofia reported that the exercise was conducted for the purpose of optimization measures in case of attempts to break migrants across the border, as well as for the purpose of intimidation of persons involved in illegal transportation of people in Europe.

Bulgaria is preparing for the increasing influx of refugees due to the closure of the so-called "Balkan route". Two weeks ago, units of the armed forces and police conducted joint exercises. Since then, the borders of Bulgaria with Greece posted 400 Bulgarian soldiers. If necessary there can be quickly deployed another 500 soldiers.

On the border with Turkey, Bulgaria had erected the barbed wire with a length of 95 kilometers. On this site Bulgarian border are about 2000 police officers.