The letter explains that this decree will make it difficult to find talented staff and undermine the competitiveness of the American economy. In addition, the trump can force international companies to invest in countries with a more friendly policy towards immigrants. The letter stressed that the United States was a country of immigrants, where they make a major contribution to the economic, political and cultural life.

The message large American corporations we are talking about the second immigration decree of Donald trump, who for three months prohibits entry into the United States to citizens of Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The Federal court in the state of Hawaii initially issued a special ruling against this document. In late March, the effect of a judicial decision has been extended indefinitely.

The US administration has appealed. The court has already rejected the first immigration Ordinance trump. To insist on the implementation of the second, revised and less strict version of the Ordinance, Donald trump promised if necessary to reach the Supreme court of the United States. A letter to the court of appeals of Virginia against the decree trump has also signed SpaceX, Tesla, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, Ebay and other major companies.