3.* A new flavor of marinade for meat: dark beer or light beer mix with soy sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Beer can be added to steamed vegetables, it will give a special odor and taste of plain boiled potatoes.

2. The soup is too salty can be saved by two methods. Move it over the gauze with a small amount of unsalted porridge and provari, the rice will absorb the excess salt. Second: dip in the tablespoon of soup with a cube of sugar. When the sugar starts to melt, take a spoon, repeat the procedure several times, changing the sugar cubes.

3. Salt the liver only at the end of cooking, otherwise it will become hard.

4. To the top of the cake is not burnt, cover the cake soaked paper.

5. Get the white rice, if cooking add a little vinegar.

6. For slicing hard-boiled eggs, soak the knife blade in cold water. So the yolk will not crumble.

7. If you throw into the broth a piece of ice and bring it to a boil, it will be transparent.
When cooked the beans will darken if you cook it in an open pan.

8. The meat will be tastier if you add a little raw onion, a little fried onions and finely grated raw potato.

9. Beef is not hard if before cooking, you'll marinate it in mayonnaise for 30 minutes.

10. The cob boiled corn can be used in salad! Simply a sharp knife to cut corn kernels.

11. The eggplant will not be unpleasantly bitter, if before cooking cut it into small pieces, Ambassador and give a little stand. Don't forget after this, rinse the eggplant in cold water.

12. Almonds are easy to peel if you first boil it in water for 5 minutes and then let cool the nuts in cold water.

13. Sour cream would be better to vzbivayte in the cream, if to add a bit of protein.

14. If you throw in ground coffee a pinch of salt, brewed drink will be much tastier!

15. To roast meat in the oven, acquired a ruddy delicious crust, it is enough to pour over the pomegranate juice, honey, diluted with brandy or water, dry wine.

16. Tough meat will be softer if you add to the broth the peel and cook the meat with it.

17. The apples in the Apple pie will not sink to the bottom of the form, if you roll them before cooking in the flour.

18. Instead of breadcrumbs, use ground nuts — taste words can not convey! And much healthier crackers.

19. Nagreva plates before you put them in a hot dish and cool before serving cold. Such a simple trick, and the taste will become more rich, the freshness is not lost.

20. Just cooked the meat should immediately bring to the table: let it cool slightly and buy a full flavor.

21. The salad will be much tastier if you add a tablespoon of milk and teaspoon of sugar.

22. Try the food while cooking! This will help you not to be mistaken with the amount of salt and seasonings, to correctly calculate the cooking time.

23. Before you remove the soup from heat, add in a bit of fresh juice of carrots, cabbage or tomato. This will enhance the taste of the soup and will enrich it with vitamins.

24. A dull knife is easier to cause yourself injury, because cutting food you put more efforts. Always keep the knives in the kitchen sharp!

25. Vanilla is a great spice for seasoning to vegetable salads. Try it, it's delicious!