According to statistics, in Belgium, a country with a population of odinnadtsatimetrovy, is now home to over a million migrants.

The vast majority of foreigners (70%) came from other countries of the Old world — Italy, France and the Netherlands.

"As immigrants from other regions, these people have felt the tightening of local authorities towards foreigners: Belgium increasingly withdraws resident card is a document which will be given to visiting for a long term foreigners. In 2008 of such cases was eight, 20014-m — already 2 thousand!" notes Euronews.

The decision to expel was adopted in Brussels at the Immigration office. Thus, the Belgian authorities are trying to deal with "social tourism" within the EU, considering it a heavy burden for the Treasury. So, in 2015, 1700 Europeans received the notice of having to leave Belgium. Mostly Romanians, Spaniards, Bulgarians, Italians and Dutch.

Add that Belgium is not the only country of the Old Europe, resolved to defend its welfare system from foreign citizens. European media have reported numerous cases where the German authorities deprive visitors of access to benefits if show signs of abuse.

The courts in such situations are usually on the side of the authorities. So, in November of 2015 the European Court of justice, in a case of unemployed Swedish women Nazifa Alimanovic living in Germany ruled that the state has the right to withhold the payment of basic benefits for migrants from EU countries, if they come without intentions to find work.