The incident occurred in February 2016. A schoolboy by the name of Goran is a native of Serbia who moved with his family to the Austrian capital in 1990-ies, — met at the pool with 15-the summer teenager from a family of Iraqi refugees.

When Goran after the pool went in shower that accompanied his new friend, 20-year-old man named Amir pushed the boy into the toilet cubicle and raped him. After that the man returned to the pool and continued to swim as if nothing had happened, until he was arrested police came to the rescue.

His act, Amir A., who has a wife and son, explained the "extraordinary circumstances": the words of a migrant, he has not had sex for four months. Occurred, a refugee called "a big mistake".

Amir faces 10 years in prison for rape, but it is possible that the deadline will be extended to 15 years, if the examination confirms that his victim suffered serious mental and moral injury.

Amir had originally planned to get to Sweden, but decided to stay in Austria and petitioned for asylum. At trial, the man said that is not going to call him back and hoped for a positive decision of the migration authorities, after which he plans to move to Austria wife and child.

In 2015 the EU, the crisis erupted because of the influx of refugees. According to the International organization for migration (IOM), for the year came to Europe more than one million immigrants — mostly from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. According to the UN, in 2016 migration wave to the EU could double, according to the EU — three times.

In March 2016 following the summit, the EU-Turkey Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria announced the closure of borders for refugees from the Middle East, after which the main flow of migrants went through Italy. Refugees trying to get into Austria, and thence to cross into Germany.