At the head of the national team of Latvia of Leonid Beresneva has not been ten years and this is his third parish in the national team. All this time the technician did not sit without work.

"There were many projects, which became for me a challenge, including in Estonia. And in fact, they were associated with the rapid formation of competitive teams for specific tournaments, for example, in Latvia or in the championship of Kazakhstan. And I was able to make them, " says Bersenev. I don't want to brag, but time will show how I have been able to make a good team, later formed the competition increasingly tougher competition in the same Championships".

For ten years, had to change practically a whole generation of players, but the experienced coach is not inclined to discuss this topic.

"When I ask this question, I answer that I want to compare. Every generation, in every time, its great players, had its team with its history. And now the same. Came the new guys, which include ambitious, crafty is there — ready to show themselves...I Believe, what matters is the motivation of the players," summarizes Beresnev.

This season the team of Latvia unusually long remained without a head coach. In February an agreement was signed between the Latvian hockey Federation and Leonid Beresneva.

Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the head of the LHF, Kirov Lipman once mentioned that Beresneva could not agree, they say, due to the fact that the coach did not want to give guarantees for the preservation of the national team place in the elite division.

"Who could give such guarantees? Show me at least one person, which can give the guarantee? I have not seen such. Only inadequate people can guarantee that I will win. Another thing is that we should strive to do," says the current steering team of Latvia.

Leonid Beresnev acknowledged in conversation with Diena that in his agreement with the Federation there is no item on a specific task for the 2016 world Cup, but there is another — to qualify for the Olympic games (the tournament will be held in September).

"Our Federation always sets high goals. I think this year will be no exception, " says Bersenev. — Sometimes extended tasks are not entirely justified. Similar experience I had at the Olympic games in Turin. Then set a goal — to enter the top ten, although the team at that time was... well, more than half of the team played in Belarusian championship".

"The national team of Latvia all the last twenty years was konkurentosposobnoi. Ever there we were not the whipping boys. Sometimes the result of one game bothered to take a higher place, as it happened last year. Although in the match against Germany looked very good. Would have won then and turned out a very different finish. This is life, this is hockey. I hope this will be a good year. Don't want to say that we have supercast... Just have a lot of players, which managed to attract. I guess they have enough motivation and most importantly".