Seminars, consultations and sports for the Riga, are expecting a baby — free.

Classes will be lead by qualified nutritionists and fitness trainers.

It is expected that the lesson will last 3 hours and 30 minutes and consist of three parts. The theoretical part (1,5 hour), during which I will tell you what the pregnancy, what changes occur in a woman's body, why is it important to eat a healthy diet, how to make a menu based on the nutritional value of products and other issues.

The theoretical part of sports coaching (30 min), during which the trainer will conduct a short consultation on changes during pregnancy, tell why do we need physical activity, about the characteristics of the load depending on the trimester of pregnancy, about the most common health problems and their possible solutions with the help of physical exercise. Practical part (60 min), during which the trainer will conduct a fitness class based on the level of physical preparation of pregnant women and pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an important event in a woman's life, and is inevitably connected with change. The seminars will be a great opportunity to get answers to all the questions.

Time of classes: 30 April, 14 may, 28 may from 12.00 to 15.30.
Order of classes: 12.00 — lecture on healthy eating