In the evening parents Raisa quietly collecting gooseberry (Bush growing just beyond the fence of the site – approx. ed.). Suddenly, the tractor left the neighbour and began to uproot berry bushes, saying that they grow on site. According to Raisa, the parents tried to settle everything quietly, however, the neighbor and to hear wanted nothing. "It's right on the tractor went to the mother. She managed to leap aside and fell. When the father tried to intercede for her, the neighbor came at him with a chainsaw. Dad tried to shield the face, and the neighbor stabbed him with a chainsaw hand. Can you imagine? He could even be fingerless! But this neighbor was not enough, he came back and started beating my father over the head with a Taser," a shudder in the heart, says Raisa.

To the place called the police and an ambulance. "Dad was taken to Riga. He had touched the ear, cut face, hands and had to have stitches. My mom had bumps and bruises," says the daughter of the victims.

The State police confirmed 31 July at 18.15 was obtained in Skulte parish (limbaži region), where there was a conflict between the men of 1942 and 1936 R. R. "In the course of the conflict injuries received man 1936 R. and woman 1937 the Victim was taken to the nearest medical facility, no life-threatening," - said the representative of the Vidzeme regional Department of the State police Angela Galiano.

The conflict broke out over land

The conflict between neighbors occurred because of a small piece of land that separates the garden of the parents of Raisa from the forest, which belongs to the neighbor. Parents Raisa believe that the earth is neutral, that is, belongs to the cooperative, in turn, the neighbor insists that this is his territory. "I just fight for their property. You saw that next to their land no forest? They have eliminated, on wood, on wood... And when I pass through its territory, I can't go, I disturb them... that day they both ran out, hit him, hit. I have all blue shoulder was", - told reporters the accident killed a woman 76-year-old albert.

As for attacking with a chainsaw, according to albert, the neighbors he grabbed the chain and trap their fingers. "I was cutting down the bushes that are in my possession, and he began to grab the saw... And then he attacked me with an iron stick. Dented the tractor hood, the lamp broke," says the man.

However, the neighbor is ready to calmly discuss the situation, if it will be someone from relatives of the second party. "Let it out son-in-law will come, not they. With them the conversation will not work. Let them come, show your plan of the territory, where the border so we were finally able to put all dots on "I", albert says.

Solves a question on excitation of criminal case

In turn, the relatives of the battered old wrote a statement to the police. They want the neighbor had no right to approach their house and paid for incurred costs. "This attempt at life. We fear for the lives of their parents. He feels his impunity. But if he again do something?" - says Raisa.

Currently scheduled examination, which will establish the degree of severity of the injuries. After that will be solved a question on excitation of criminal case. "At the moment, initiated the proceedings, police continue to investigate the circumstances of the incident," said Angela Galiano.

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