At the exhibition you will see over 2000 animals and birds, as well as theatrical shows of different breeds of dogs and the wonders of the drill, cheer for the favorite selected in the ring.

In cancers "Furry Easter" will be held international dog show, which claimed more than 1,000 noble Pets, including rare breeds Boerboel afrikanski, Petersburg Orchid, Pharaoh hound.

11, 13 and 15 hours will be performances of circus performers. They will help the visitor to learn some tricks.

The chief guest of the exhibition — 6-month-old white tigress Tara, which can be any stroke.

Animal shelter Ulubele, will give visitors the opportunity to show mercy. You can donate to animals in distress, blankets, dishes, toys, food, other things and money.

Among the participants will be found the most famous representatives of the Riga city Council — cats Muri and Kuzya.

Also you can get acquainted with the latest trends in fashion and clothing for dogs. Because the front spring with long walks through the streets and parks.

Visitors invited to the exhibition, together with your four-legged pet. You should not leave him home alone during these holidays. Just don't forget to take the veterinary passport with a mark about animal identification and immunization.

At the international dog show will see more than 1,000 dogs of different clubs in Latvia. Also contestants from Spain, Bulgaria and Russia.

Participants will include German shepherds, huskies, Golden retrievers, Central Asian shepherds, Labradors, Samoyeds, Bernese cattle dog, Yorkshire Terriers, Chinese crested, Pomeranian and German Spitz, poodles, dachshunds, Chi-Hua-Hua, the Terriers and French bulldogs, faraonova dog, Petersburg Orchid, African Boerboel, Tibetan Mastiff.

Within two days the experts will assess dogs in the ring. Visitors will be able not only to observe the work of experts, but also to watch the show of various dog breeds where you can learn the history of the origin and traits of each breed.

In the ring will be held "the lesson of obedience". Visitors can declare their puppies and adult dogs on this lesson over the phone 29579349.

During the day on the big ring will be held competitions among dogs running and overcoming obstacles, agility training, "abidance". Very smart and obedient dogs will demonstrate their skills acquired on long-term training.

At the end of each day will be awarded the best and most beautiful dog. On the podium will rise three dogs, but only one of them will be awarded the title — Best of Best ("Best"). Visitors will have the opportunity to get advice from experts on the species, negotiate the reservation of puppies, puppies to buy directly at the exhibition.

Cat show
At the world cat show will be attended by more than 600 fuzzies from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Belarus and Norway. Only at such exhibitions visitors can admire pedigreed cats whose pedigrees confirm their noble origin four generations of ancestors. Here, to the exhibition, cats are in holiday attire, well-groomed and combed. Cages in which animals awaiting assessment experts, embellished special pillows, and curtains.

The exhibition will feature long-haired breeds of cats, not only Persian, but also so popular now British, which can also be longhaired. More exclusive and rare, the Maine Coon, Norwegian forest cat and Neva masquerade, which will be presented at the exhibition in different color variations.

Will also the most popular Shorthair breed of cats: British, Scottish fold, Scottish straight, Abyssinian, Burmese, Devon Rex and Cornish Rex. Also participate the most expensive cats — Bengal. "Bald" are the don and canadian Sphynxes.

The exhibition showed a great rarity at International exhibitions — Bombay cat from Lithuania.

The two-day program includes special rings for cats. Experts from Russia, Estonia and Germany will talk about the pros and cons of each breed.

Every day from 16 will show the best cat of the exhibition, which will feature 50 of the best cats nominated experts during the day. By the end of the show the experts will select the best four cats and only one of them will get Best of Best ("Best"). All winners expect prizes — elegant cups and rosettes and prizes Royal Canin food and two-storey houses for cats..

During the exhibition visitors will be able to speak with experts on the breeds and learn about proper feeding and care of pet. If you want to buy a kitten fluffy mewing, it is possible to do in the exhibition or to reserve kitten from the next litter in the cattery.

The exhibition is collaboration with the shelter cats and dogs Ulubele, in distress. From other shelters Ulubele differs in that the animals here are euthanized if in two weeks you will not find a new owner. In Ulubele becomes a permanent place of residence of a foundling.

Currently Ulubele new owners waiting for about 200 cats, as well as many small and large dogs. Ulubule is located outside Riga, therefore the exhibition is a good opportunity to donate to the cats and dogs in distress, blankets, dishes, food, and financial resources.

The show will also take home a vending pet from a shelter.

To support their sobrati will arrive the most famous representatives of the Riga city Council - studs Kuzya and Muris.

Mini zoos

The exhibition will be attended by many other animals from private zoos.
Birds of mini zoo "Salmini" will delight all clear voices and bright plumage.

Presents are parrots of different breeds, Japanese finches Canaries, some Chicks can be purchased directly at the exhibition.

"The Empire of the birds" will bring the iguana, chipmunks, hamsters, degu, chinchillas, doves and a crow.

Private zoo "Rosita" is under Rezekne and occupies 10 ha. will come To Riga large South American goats (1.5 m in height) with blue eyes, skunk, baby Raccoon, flying squirrels, Chinese non-ferrous protein, ornamental hedgehogs, Guinea pigs — lunkarya, pigeons, black and white swans, canadian geese, geese decorative curly, Dutch mini mouflon, graceful mini-goats, rabbits and other small animals.

For the first time in the exhibition involved the zoo in Klaipeda. Will present a rare white tigress Tara. This zoo specialises in breeding big cats, each year a single kitten growing up in a special home to zoo visitors and exhibitors were able to cuddle a tiger.

Visitors can pet and take pictures with the tiger.

Private mini zoo "Lejnieki" will bring "country yard".

Young visitors to the exhibition will also be able naprygatsya on free inflatable rides and pony rides from the stables "Kirikomi".

Lithuanian society of poultry will present a collection of unseen rocks quiz, pigeons, etc.

Also there will be a café and bistro.

Next to the hall Skonto is a big Parking lot (the Parking fee is 3 Euro per day or 1,5 EUR per hour).

To Skonto can be reached by public transport — on 3, 5, 12, 25, 19 trolleybuses and at the 11th bus stop "Skonto Halle".

Ticket prices:

- for children up to 4 years (presenting the document) — free