This year "Baltic Hoop" was held for the 17th time and participation of the most titled acting "the artist" Yana Kudryavtseva. However, 13-time world champion while only gaining form and acted in Riga only in certain disciplines, obkatat their programs for the Olympic season. And here is announced the winner of the last year, have done Melitina of Belarus and does not come.

The lack of leaders in the competition program of the tournament did not affect the quality of the competition. Winning the round was won by the Russian woman Karina Kuznetsova, quite a bit ahead of the representative of Israel Victoria Filanovsky. The top three was closed by the Belarusian Elena Bolotina.

Kuznetsova also won in group exercises with clubs, behind Bolotino left the finals with a Hoop and another Russian Ekaterina Kuznetsova became the strongest in two finals — with the ribbon and ball.

Six-time champion of Latvia Elena Gamaleeva scored fifth in the all-around score (68,000) and reached three finals. In the exercise with clubs she was fifth, but with ball and tape got into the top three.

Two representatives of the Latvia — Arina lane and Laima Lipkina — finished in the all-around at the 15th and 18th places respectively in the competition of 28 participants.

In the group exercises were made by four teams: two represented Russia (prefabricated Moskvyi St. Petersburg), one was from Latvia and Estonia. In the all-around better their programs performed Muscovite, but in the finals already dominated by the team of St. Petersburg.

Latvian national team (in her were — Ieva Valpetere, Maria Pleskacheva, Inese Yastrebova, Anastasia Kovalchuk, Tatiana kozeeva and Milena Jay) on the first day is better managed performance with the ribbons, but the second is stronger get a program with two goals and six clubs.

Also in the framework of the "Baltic Hoop-2016" passed competitions of the juniors. Here was the first Russian woman Alina Ermolova, leaving behind compatriot Daria Pridannikova and namesake from Belarus Alina Garlasco. Erika Bogdanova and Ekaterina Demina from Latvia took in the all-around 6 and 7 respectively. The tenth line of the 20 possible total points Catherine fedyunina helps.

Baltic Hoop-2016. All-around:

1. Karina Kuznetsova (Russia) — 71,250
2. Victoria Filanovsky (Israel) — 70,900
3. Bolotina Elena (Belarus) — 70,250
4. Dora Vass (Hungary) — 68,900
5. Elizabeth Gamaleeva (Latvia) — 68,000
15. Arina Lane (Latvia) — 62,500
18. Lipkina Laima (Latvia) — 59,950

Baltic Hoop-2016. The final. Wrap:

1. Bolotina Elena (Belarus) — 17,950 points
2. Victoria Filanovsky (Israel) — 17,900
3. Hanna Bazhko (Belarus) — 17,350...

Baltic Hoop-2016. The final. Tape:
1.Ekaterina Selezneva (Russia) — 18,250
2.Victoria Filanovsky (Israel) — 17,800
3.Elizabeth Gamaleeva (Latvia) — 17,250...

Baltic Hoop-2016. The final. Maces:

1.Karina Kuznetsova (Russia) — 18,250
2.Victoria Filanovsky (Israel) — 18,000
3.Dora Vass (Israel) — 17,450
4. Bolotina Elena (Latvia) — 17,150
5. Elizabeth Gamaleeva (Latvia) — 17,150...

Baltic Hoop-2016. The final. Goal:
1.Ekaterina Selezneva (Russia) — 18,550
2.Elizabeth Gamaleeva (Latvia) — 17,250

3.Boriana Kalein (Bulgaria) — 17,150...

Baltic Hoop-2016. Group exercises. The all-around (the grade for the exercise with five ribbons the assessment for the 6 of clubs and 2 balls):

1. Russia /Moscow — 34,650 points (17,100 17,550)
2. Russia/St. Petersburg— 33,100 (16,800 16,300)
3. Latvia— 30,050 (16,200 13,850)
4. Estonia— 27,300 (12,800 14,500).

Baltic Hoop-2016. Group exercises. Final (5 tapes):

1. Russia/Saint Petersburg — 17,000
2. Russia/Moscow — 16,850
3. Estonia— 13,700
4. Latvia— 13,550.

Baltic Hoop-2016. Group exercises. Final (2 of 6 ball clubs):

1. Russia/St. Petersburg 17,500
2. Russia/Moscow— 17,100
3. Latvia— 15,750
4. Estonia— 15,250.

Baltic Hoop-2016. Juniors:

1. Alina Ermolova (Russia) — 64,450
2. Alina Garlasco (Belarus) — 63,700
3. Daria Pridannikova— 63,700
6. Erika Bogdanova (Latvia) — 58,100
7. Ekaterina Demina (Latvia) — 58,050
10. Jekaterina Fedjunina (Latvia) — 55,950...

Finally, spectacular video performance at GALA concert the winner of the two finals of "the Baltic Hoop-2016" the Russian Ekaterina Selezneva.