New picture whit Stillman's "Love and friendship", conquered the audience of the film festival Sundance, has collected rave reviews and is in the top line all kinds of ratings, claiming the title of best of CineCrystal year.

Fearlessly mixing the history of the early novels of Jane Austen, the Director has constructed a coherent and intriguing narrative in which irony goes hand in hand with tenderness, and parody coexist with reverence. The beauty of the film – in this combination of love and ridicule, reverence and mischief, due to which the film can be recommended to fans of costume adaptations of English classics, and those who can not stand them. Perhaps never before Jane Austen was not so relevant and at the same time brilliantly funny. "Love and friendship" is rare in these times action-Packed romance with hints of Comedy, able to captivate the audience from the first frame.

Charming widow, destitute and caught in a desperate situation, take the right in such a situation, the decision - hastily to get married. Intriguer and seductress, she always gets what she wants, has a diabolical gift for men see right through this. Trail of gossip and rumours about its dubious reputation and "dangerous relations" stretches all the way from London. And now, together with his intimate Affairs consultant, she develops strategic plan, unrecognizable able to change the lives of others.

The only screening of the film will take place on 24 September in the cinema Splendid Palace.