The title of winner of the month, the family gave 5360 votes in the popular voting on the website After winning the competition, the family invited me to visit mastermind family category of the competition "Maximalists", radio and TV presenter, Baiba Simeniene-Gavar together to try hobby family ELDMANIS: Frisbee with the dog.

If you visit ELDMANIS home, you can see that it is well suited to their Pets: Australian shepherd. There is silence, and there are many places where active dogs could run. Baiba immediately finds a common language with them: Berenson and Wunjo. "I like mannered and smart dogs, and these can be called such without a doubt. There is nothing more wonderful devotional view of the dog, her desire to do something with you together!" — said Baiba Simeniene-Gavar.

Common hobby — the condition of happiness in the family

"Nowadays the big problem is that parents due to their jobs rarely see their children. Parents return from work in the evening, tired and everyone looks in my room TV, less talking among themselves. It is therefore very important to find a common hobby that will unite the whole family: families that are qualitatively spend free time together, better together, and the children in them feel much more confident", — shared his thoughts Baiba Simeniene-Gavar, adding that with family hobby into the children are taught various useful skills — for example, the ability to work in a team, patience.

The father and head of the family of ELDMANIS — Girts — acknowledged that class Frisbee with the dog brought a family. "We are an active family: we regularly spend time together, caring for the dogs. This is also a great opportunity to relax after work in the fresh air, and spend time with my son and go for a family trip to the competition. So, last year we all went together to the European championship in the Czech Republic", — said Girts. Frisbee with a dog in the family interested in everything: "this year my son Gustav will begin to participate in the competition, and two-year-old daughter is already interested in that you could throw the dog, so she brought it back. In turn, their mother, Sandra is the Manager of our family team, she provides all the below events were successful.

Trust and cooperation with the dog — the basic principles of a Frisbee with the dog

She Baiba appreciated his interaction with dogs as positive and happy I tried a Frisbee with the dog. "The hardest thing in this sport is to learn how to behave yourself: dog behavior study is not necessary. The difficult part delivered right throwing flying saucers: the dog understand what is required of it", — shared his impressions of Baiba.

When asked about how the baby is Frisbee with the dog, Girts praised her for the trust and noted that the first contest in a week — with some training — could qualify for participation in the competition in the third class for beginners.

"I look at the family of Adminisof and wish they never stopped started: they have a good relationship with animals and a good relationship with the children. In the small son is brought up respect for the animals, and this quality is very important," told about his impressions after meeting with the family of Baiba ELDMANIS.

Get off the couch and get down to business

"Frisbee with the dog we are professionally engaged in for several years, we the fourth season of organized competition Frisbee with the dog. We have chosen this sport because it is a occupation in which you would take family Pets: they are very active by nature. In addition, it can be done in a limited area with a relatively small financial resources", — said Girts.

To participate in the contest "Maximalists" the family of Adminisof decided to better his Hobbies. "The more disks you have, the better you can do. If you have two, three disks, you can throw to the dog. If you have disks much more, you will be able to do this alone, work out, work out the throw. Frisbee with a dog have an expression: "as long as you don't do 10,000 shots, you're nothing." I may even these 10,000 throws is still not reached, so this is a great opportunity to better engage in this sport — both me and my son. In order to achieve something, you need to get off the couch and to access talent not only in myself, but in the dog" — shared their motivation in the competition Girts.

Competition "Maximalists" is a support project, organized by OOO Maxima Latvija, which was launched on 9 January 2017. The prize Fund of the scholarship is € 22,000.

Monthly, from February 1 to 29 June, individual members can obtain allowance of 500 EUR family EUR 1000 and collectives — 1500 EUR. In turn, candidates for the "Grand Prix" in each category can win the highest number of votes and win, respectively, 1000, 2000 and 3000 EUR. The final event of the competition will be held on 30 June, when will be awarded to the beneficiaries for the last month, and the recipients of the "Grand Prix" prize employees "Maxima Latvija".