On a hot summer day on July 26 in the cabin of the "Amserv Motors" on Krasta street, 3, brought together representatives of the largest Latvian enterprises of retailers, OOO Baltstor", coordinator and partner of the network of shops "Mego" and "Vesko" and lottery partners to formally transfer the winnings — or rather, the key — Dinah and her family.

"Miracles do happen," said the owner of a new car when the shock of winning a little bit. "It's not only a joy for the whole family, but also a historic event because this is the biggest win of all who have been in our family still," said Dinah.

Dayna reported that registration for the lottery and storage of cheques was handled by the husband. Only Dinah had registered for the lottery 35 checks.

"I am convinced that good things come to those who endeavoured to catch her tail. Of course, this year we helped — the range of products involved in the lottery became much wider, the price ranges were different, so to participate could actually each buyer shops "Mego" and "Vesko" in Latvia," — said Indra Gramatica, member of the Board of the largest Latvian enterprises of retailers, OOO Baltstor", partner and coordinator of the network of shops "Mego" and "Vesko".

This is confirmed by the experience of Dinah: "lottery Products were the ones that we used, so we decided — why not to try, might get lucky?".

For the location of a fortune in the lottery "Mego" and "Vesko" competed 24,5 thousand people, and this is a record number. 52% were residents of Riga and its environs. The youngest participant of the lottery was nine years older— 85.

When talking about luck, maybe the formula is different for each person. Someone thinks that the value is the number — one 69-year-old man registered to participate 50 checks. Someone else believes that big day most of all registrations were on Wednesdays.

Every fourth lottery participant was aged 31 to 40 years, and 61% of participants were women.

"Those who at this time was not lucky, or who do not have time to participate, if not frustrating in the autumn of our customers for a pleasant surprise! I invite you to follow the information in the field of trade "Mego" and "Vesko". I can promise that in the future we will work to ensure that the shares trade networks were available to the widest possible range of our clients," said Gramatica.

I should add that this is the second year when, in cooperation with the "Amserv Motors", the main prize of the lottery is a car. Last year the car went to Liepaja to chunchula, which is already more than a year goes on it with his family and says that he believes in the benevolence of fate. "I advise everyone to participate in the lottery. Good things come to those who she must come", says Iveta.

Big summer lottery shops "Mego" and "Vesko" was held from 18 April to 10 July. It can participate anyone who bought two lottery product and has registered a check on the lottery website or by using short messages.

The Fund was 186 different awards. Three draws were played out 100 gift cards to the shop "Mego", 35 gift cards to travel from the "Interlux", 25 fuel cards "Gotika Auto" and 25 orthopedic pillows "Eastcon", as well as the main award — "Toyota Yaris".

The lottery was attended by such brands as "Diženā", "Marienbāde", "Estrella", "Renova", "Oga", "Pepsi", "Balbiino", "Hanzas maiznīca", "Tymbark", "it", "Baltais", "Baltais eko", "Tukuma", "M&M", "Snickers" and "Santa Maria".

Network of shops "Mego" is a company with local capital, which operates in Latvia for 16 years.

OOO Baltstor" — the largest Latvian Association of retailers, which includes 95 of the legal entities operating in more than 400 retail locations nationwide. "Baltstor" as the control system provides all its members the best it solution, a single structure and the General principles of procurement and efficient management of marketing processes.

More information about the summer lottery, "Mego": http://megoloterija.lv/.