The first myth: if you fly via Moscow, a visa is required!

In practice, if you are traveling to a particular country, you need visa. But in society a popular myth that requires an additional visa if you have a transit to fly across another state that is not part of the European Union. This is not so. For example, if you are traveling with Aeroflot from Riga to new York with a stopover in Moscow, the only document that you need, it is requested in okonchatelnom destination, in this case — in the United States.

The only exception is the flight from Minsk via Moscow.

More information is available on the website of "Aeroflot" — here.

The second myth: Aeroflot still uses outdated Russian planes

If you want to fly on planes, released in 1932, "Aeroflot" you will not help, as the average age of the fleet is 4.2 years. For the current year, the fleet of "Aeroflot" — the most modern in the world. A large part of the aircraft "Aeroflot" recently came down with plants: modern, innovative, extremely elegant, eco-friendly and low noise.

The third myth: the quality of Aeroflot services on the level of the Soviet era!

Today, "Aeroflot" pays constant attention to improving the quality of customer service. More than 10 million people around the world have recognized that the service of "Aeroflot" — one of the best, which contributes to the hospitality of Russia and raise international standards of quality. Today Aeroflot dynamic, customer-oriented service, constantly improving services.

The quality of customer service of "Aeroflot" is highly valued on a global level. In 2016 Aeroflot was the first Russian airline became the owner of a high ranking four-star Skytrax quality of service. In 2017, the airline "Aeroflot" in the sixth time became the winner of the prestigious international award Skytrax World Airline Awards in the category "Best airline in Eastern Europe". Aeroflot is also recognized as the strongest Russian brand according to Brand Finance, who previously has recognized "Aeroflot" the most powerful aviation brand in the world. And users the world's largest travel site ТripAdvisor recognized Aeroflot as the best airline in Europe.

The fourth myth: everybody is talking only in Russian language

The inhabitants of the empires mostly believed that everyone should speak their native language, and they are not required to speak a foreign language. But for a new generation of such barriers does not exist. The entire staff of the airline knows English (and many speak other European and Asian languages) and possess knowledge of a high level of customer service. For example, in Sheremetyevo airport, which is the transit point for flights from Riga to USA or to Asia, all signs are duplicated in English and staff speaks English.

The fifth myth: "Aeroflot" does not provide food!

Exquisite in-flight catering is a critical component of the service of "Aeroflot". Taste buds at the altitude of 10,000 meters kind of change. Meals in such surroundings can suddenly seem "unknown." To solve this problem and create a very tasty and refined dishes, Aeroflot cooperates with the chefs of restaurants that meet the quality mark "Michelin", and the famous French experts in the culinary arts. Dishes are created taking into account customer feedback. The team of chefs of the world level is headed by Thierry Mona — the chef is a world leader in the field of catering "LSG SKY Chef". All meals are cooked from fresh ingredients in accordance with the latest trends. And also takes into account the wishes of clients and medical or religious restrictions and features. In the Arsenal of "Aeroflot" 17 a special menu. During the flight guests will enjoy a selection of complimentary drinks.

Menu of "Aeroflot" has received high international recognition, as well as Aeroflot is in the top 10 airlines with the best on-Board cuisine according to us industry publication Global Traveler.

Great menu complements the impressive and carefully selected range of wines, which is recognized as renowned experts in this field.

The sixth myth: Aeroflot flies only to cities of the former USSR

Today, "Aeroflot" flies in 51 country of the world. The airline is great for travel from Riga to USA and Asian countries. With just one convenient connection in Moscow as you can get to new York and Los Angeles, and Asian cities, from Beijing to Shanghai.

Tickets on flights of "Aeroflot" can be purchased from authorized reseller "Irbe Travel". More detailed information can be found on the home page or in the Riga Bureau "Irbe Travel" on Blaumana street, 6-1c, or by calling 67270470.