"Unfortunately, Latvians, most likely, will not be able to convince Russian. If anyone can do it, it will be people from Russian-speaking environment," said Vanags. In turn Stankevich urged: "don't just like our Russian to give and to rank as some kind of fifth column, enemies who want to sell Latvia or to separate some part of it. Let's not give them, will fight for them!".

Stankevich believes that instead of trying to pull an old wound, it is necessary to finally begin to heal because the abscess infects the entire body, in this case — the whole country. "We are facing big changes, and we really need to care about the fact that society was cohesive and not at odds separate groups. Should support any initiative that aims to unite Russian and Latvians.

For example, one such initiative — the Big cleanup, which together can participate and Latvians, Russians and people of other nationalities. During the mass sporting events also involved the representatives of all peoples. With full confidence I want to say: if you continue to pull at old wounds is the way to nowhere. We have finally to draw a line and start a new life," said the Archbishop.

In turn Vanags pointed out that Russian society is not monolithic. Some of it, like a certain part of Latvians does not want any rapprochement and agreement. It is possible that they can afford it, and Latvia is not the only country with which they associate their future is close to Russia. For Latvians Latvia is the only chance to dispose of which should be intelligently and carefully. To see in Russian-speaking only a threat and not see their potential — not smart and not careful. "I can't classify themselves as optimists in the rose-colored glasses and not sure what else can be saved, but we can't afford not to try," explained Vanags.
In his opinion, it is not about forgiveness, and humility, and common sense and responsible attitude to the future of Latvia. And this must be on both sides.

With Orthodox colleagues, he discussed how to promote mutual understanding, added Vanags.