Compared to any other sector in Latvia health care the most deprived of money, the least funded and is most severe financial crisis ever seen. Apinis said that since the first government of Ivars Godmanis medicine was funded less in the hope that patients will pay for themselves.

This delicate system is broken the current Minister, who walked through it like a bull in a China shop. To bring the system at least in relative order, now need more money than before, said the Chairman of the LOV.

The Minister proposes to give health care to an additional 35 million euros, but to get them, you need to take money from local governments, roads, investment, education and culture.

According to Apinis, the biggest problem of the health care system now is excessive bureaucracy. The Ministry of health there is no one that something would understand in medicine. Filling out paperwork doctors have to spend more time than the visit of the patient. Most bureaucratization covered the Stradins hospital and Children's hospital, said Apinis. In his opinion, the project e-health will only increase bureaucracy.