• Ankara accused Berlin in support of the coup

  • The representative Erdogan argues that in Europe intensifies "turkophobia".

    Press Secretary of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that the position of the German intelligence agencies against the Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen and his Movement serve as support for the Berlin coup attempt in Turkey. About this Ibrahim Kalin said on air of the TV channel CNN Turk Sunday, March 19.

    The head of the Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) Bruno KAHL noted that there is no indication that the attempted coup in Ankara stood Gulen. "Turkey tried to persuade us, at different levels, but still did not succeed", – stressed the head of the BND.

    In addition, the official representative of the President of Turkey said that the Turkish Ministers can schedule another propaganda event in Germany ahead of the upcoming Ankara referendum on the constitutional amendments.

    Kalin also expressed the view that in Europe intensifies "turkophobia". However, he noted that Turkey remains open to foreign investors.

    Earlier Erdogan has accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel in support of terrorists.


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