Apparently, the now former presenter of the popular show on the First channel "Let speak" Andrey Malakhov admitted that he was surprised of the popularity of the news about your maternity leave. "I did not expect, but the main news of the last week was my maternity leave, and the news has puzzled even Mikhail Khodorkovsky," wrote entertainer in the journal StarHit, whose editor he is.

According to him, the period of leave has not yet been determined. "I don't know if I will go in the footsteps of the General Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre, Vladimir Kekhman, who after the birth of their fourth child decided to take a maternity leave as much as three years, or will act in a shortened version, as Prince William Cristiano Ronaldo, who care for their kids a little less time," — said Malakhov.

He added that the most popular book in recent years in their family — "Happy parents". "The last time we were discussing what series of educational cartoon "Child. Einstein" it is better to introduce babies — Baby da Vinci, ready to send baby to a musical trip from the top of his head to the soles of the feet, or be confined to live under the promising title "Baby Shakespeare" — says the presenter.

Pregnancy of the wife of Andrey Malakhov Natalia Shkuleva really was the number one news throughout last week. Changes to the figure of the wife of the TV presenter became visible on shots from the family vacation, which they spend on the island of Sardinia.

However, the messages that the presenter takes with the First channel, appeared before the information about its maternity leave — namely, July 31. Then it was reported that the TV presenter will continue his career in the talk show "live" on TV channel "Russia 1". This is explained by the fact that within the team "Let them say" supposedly sparked the conflict in the program returned to the producer, "that worked there nine years ago", but "Malakhov with her not already working".

According to "Russian service "Bi-bi-si" that came on television producer Natalia Nikonova planned a few to change the format of a talk show and to add political topics. Malakhov could not agree with it, and therefore refused further participation in the telecast. The new host of "Let them talk", by the way, was Dmitry Borisov working in the "Evening news".

In addition to "political" version, there is and household. The new leadership could put Malakhov's ultimatum because of the situation with the "maternity leave". The assumption that Malakoff may leave the First channel it is for this reason, came the same day as the information about the pregnancy of his wife.

"The producer of the First channel Natalia Nikonov put it before a choice: or he is still working in the company, or becoming a babysitter. The journalist chose to focus on the family," wrote the journal StatHit.

The same information was published in Elle magazine, where the wife Malakhov is a brand Director and publisher. "After telling the broadcaster about the desire to go on leave for child care, from new producer, talk show did comment that "Let them talk" is not a manger, and Malakhov have a choice to make, who is the broadcaster or babysitter. This question, according to sources, the presenter seemed totally cynical and unacceptable", — said in the report.

Andrew and Natalia live in marriage for six years. The future spouses met at work — Natalia is the daughter of businessman Victor shkuleva, the President of the holding Hearst Shkulev Media, which among other publications also include the already mentioned magazines Elle and StarHit.

The wedding took place in 2011 in the Palace of Versailles in France. Offer his future wife, Andrew made a year after the beginning of the relationship during their vacation in new York.

In six years of marriage, users of social networks have repeatedly made assumptions about possible pregnancy Natalia Shkuleva. Each time she has denied the rumors on this subject, and Natalia said that when the family really will have to wait for replenishment, the public finds out about this.

Meanwhile Dmitry Borisov made up "Let them talk" on Monday that some new details viewers learn already on Tuesday.