Makarevich refused to talk with journalists of the German edition about politics, noting that he is deeply interested: "I said everything I wanted and since then little has changed. I try not to worry about events over which I does not directly depend on, there is a sense that, say, the war in Syria not depend on me in any way".

He also noted that his attitude towards life and it happens regularly expresses in his songs. "I really don't want to become public-political figure, especially when I see this I want to drag, - Makarevich, adding that he's in every song talks about his attitude to what is happening, and the audience is interesting. - I'm still on empty halls did not play, accept us well, so I see that this is interesting not only for us one".

The singer explained in an interview that doesn't even want to think about having to leave Russia. "Solve problems as they come, while these thoughts in my head did not come. I hope that such circumstances will not arise", - he explained.

At the moment, "the time Machine" is preparing a new album. "I think by may we will complete this work, and you will have the opportunity to hear it. We make it like ourselves, it will be in the style of "time Machine" - all I can say," said Makarevich.