A team of experts led by Spriggan regained some of the films atmospheric nuclear tests, made in the USA in the years 1945-1962. To date, specialists have at their disposal there are about 6.5 thousand clips of which have been digitized about 4.2 thousand and 750 — declassified.

In the years 1945-1962 the United States conducted 210 nuclear tests in the atmosphere, as recorded in roughly ten thousand videos. Most of them were distributed in secret vaults in the United States. The team of experts took five years to collect them in the lab.

Search and digitization of the remaining 3.5 thousand rollers have a team of Spriggs should take about two years. Specialists work on conservation made of nitrocellulose films, which are gradually destroyed, and being outdoors. Video analysis, according to Spriggs will allow us to better understand the effects of nuclear explosions.