A leading contender for nomination as a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Republicans, said in his keynote speech that his main goal will be the implementation of the principle of "America first".

Trump called the foreign policy of the administration of current President Barack Obama "a complete and total disaster".

Noting on Tuesday its next victory in the primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode island, Donald trump confidently called himself a "most likely candidate" for the presidency.

Before the speech, he promised that it would not go about "trump doctrine" and that if elected to the presidency of his plans can be some changes.

Most of the programming of the speech was devoted to what trump called "weakness, stupidity and confusion" in the ranks of the Obama administration, which, he said, he hopes to reverse. Donald trump has promised the audience, the audience in Washington, "clear US foreign policy from covering her rust".

About the "Islamic state"

Donald trump said that if he comes to power, "the days of the "Islamic state" extremist group banned in Russia and several other countries) will be numbered — but I'm not going to tell them when, and I'm not going to tell them how".

Earlier, trump announced that he will weaken ISIS, blocking their access to oil, and also supported the use of harsh interrogation methods, including simulated drowning, to the members of this group. In his speech on Wednesday, he chose not to return to these proposals.

"Curb the spread of radical Islam should be the main goal of U.S. foreign policy, and indeed the whole world," said trump on Wednesday, adding that the fight against extremism in the middle East he will work in close cooperation with U.S. allies.

About nuclear deal with Iran

Donald trump reiterated his opposition to last year's nuclear deal with Iran, according to which the six world powers led by the US agreed to lift sanctions against Tehran in exchange for curtailing the nuclear program of this country.

Trump also accused President Obama of neglecting Israel, which, in his opinion, is a great friend of the United States, and "tender love and care" against Iran.

"He (Obama) has concluded that catastrophic deal with Iran, and then we became witnesses of how they ignored the terms of the agreement, before it has dried ink. We cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons," he said. In his speech in March, trump said he wants "to dismantle the agreement" in the event of his election to the presidency.

About NATO and other States

With US allies in NATO have further talks would be held, said trump, promising that he will try to change the structure of the organization and to discuss "rebalancing" in the question of its financing.

Trump said he wants to negotiate with Russia to find common ground, including in the fight against Islamic extremism. "Some say the Russians can't behave sensibly," said the leader of the Republican presidential race. I intend to check whether this is so".

As for China, then, according to trump, this country "respects force, and by giving them the ability to bypass the us economically, what they are doing now, we are losing all of their respect." He said he will try "to bring US relations with China in order," but did not specify exactly how this can be done.

About the allies of the United States

"The countries that we protect, should pay the cost of this protection. Otherwise, the United States should be ready to give these countries the opportunity to defend himself. We have no choice," said trump.

Chatting last month with New York Times reporters about U.S.-Japanese relations, trump said, "If you attack us, they don't have to come to our aid. And if you attack them, we have to throw at them the protection of our forces. And this, in my opinion, lies the real problem".

Reaction to the speech trump

"In his speech, many things with which I would absolutely agree, " says Jim Gilmore, one of the former contenders for nomination as a candidate for the U.S. presidency from the Republicans. On the other hand, there is a lot of pretty controversial things, including a great confrontation with our allies".

White house press Secretary Josh earnest responded: "I think that when talking about the foreign policy of the current President, one cannot deny that the US has become stronger and a more secure position than we were when President Obama took office in January 2009".

Josh earnest also said Washington has strengthened its alliances with other countries and that a shifting balance of power towards Asia has brought US both economic and strategic advantages.