"Four years ago, we decided to hold my first party, fully given to different techno music. The experiment failed, and since then we actually started playing more techno in my sets, and [Spektrum] now is one of our conceptual musical events, – said Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov from Amber Muse. Last [spek-truhm] been a year ago, so it's time to bring him back to the dance floor. The Mapuche Vecrīga basement with brick arches and a powerful, high-quality sound, in our opinion, a very appropriate place for this music".

Guest of the event Samaan is a native of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Four years ago, he opened a vinyl record label One Electronica and released a few of their LPS with a powerful techno tracks. Now he continues to work on a debut album.

Tickets can be purchased at the party venue before the event. Price is 3-5 euros.