According to Panina, he will not resign from his position provided that he will offer good money. "Soviet actor Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov said that to refuse to work is a sin. I refuse only in extreme cases when I have a very busy schedule, and I can't build projects", — said the actor.

He also added that his participation in a particular project depends on the artistic value. "It is a TV commercial project, and it all depends on money," he concluded.

The rumors about the departure of Malakhov the First channel appeared in the end of July. Initially, the media reported that he had a conflict with producer Natalia Nikonova, which in may after a long break went back to work on the program "Let them talk". Sources reported that she has opposed the new concept of development of the project proposed by Nikonov.

In early August, Malakhov, still not confirming his departure from the First channel, commented on the situation. "I'm on a yacht with friends. And I've already made my decision," he said. What exactly is meant Malakhov, was not specified.