Here just lately, comrade threatens to remain without work: the Latvian real news on the game and level of absurdity is indistinguishable from the fake. And mass trolling now doing far more respectable guys on a government salary. Political satirist in today's Latvia nothing to catch: our policy is almost more vicious mockery than any satire.

The secret service a year scouring in search of the blogger, vivacissimo online comic the petition, equipped with special clarification: the joke, they say, — and the court gives him a real term for an attempt on the territorial integrity of the state. In the framework of the struggle with the Eastern dictatorship and for freedom blocked Western news sites and TV channels are disabled. A completely peaceful country, fighting on the fronts of the imaginary, takes the laws of war: by them anyone knows what can be wound up to fifteen years — and not in the imagination, and the most that neither is reality.

A special Commission after years of work puts Russia on the expense of 185 billion euros, and the head of the Commission insists that the current Latvian pensioners robbed and emigrants survived in Ireland the Soviet General secretaries. Mayor responds to it of the innocence of the cartoon in "Facebook" — and then an MP from the ruling faction brings to the security Police: it seems that the mayor justifies genocide and crimes against humanity" (article 74.1 a period of up to five years). "Genocide, Carl!", as expressed in the same "Internets". Hisses and foams of course! — Netblock, and even from the European Parliament knocks our strict Prosecutor MS Vaidere. This implies that the mayor is an agent of Moscow undemocratic, and those who want him to throw in a caricature — free-thinking Europeans.

A couple of years ago, after reading such news, I climbed to check the calendar: to clarify, if not the first of April at the yard. But today is April fool's Day we have 365 times per year (it — 366). There's work run the risk of losing not only satirists, but also the commentators.

I sincerely don't know how to comment on what is happening. How to discuss the words of a man who drink too much twenty-five years in a row and screaming that the blame for his drinking, Stalin, and Putin needs it for it 185 "yards"? Do not discuss this, after this call the paramedics. Well, what can I do if it says not drunk in delirium tremens, and the official person declares urbi et orbi, without a shadow of a smile, in common (sort of) the mind and memory? Angry? Sit that kind of "public appeal against the government", treacherous face. Laugh? Will receive a "roundabout" for the justification of genocide.

Strictly speaking, in this situation there is only one reasonable way to Wake up.

Easy, however, to notice that the Latvian social and political reality seems a bad dream is not the entire population of Latvia. And not even the majority. It seems such to me, to mayor Ushakov (by maliciously distributed his cartoons), the lion's share of Russian speakers. But absolutely do not believe either Vilnis Cirsis, no Ruta Pazdera, neither Dr. Rozental, who believe that the child, who speaks Russian, it is necessary not to treat, and to humiliate, nor that part of Latvian society that seriously believes: Latvia — warring (albeit "hybrid", but only until) the country, the local Russian-speaking — the enemies of the state, and dissenters (at least, those for whom the state language is not native) and you need to be punished in the name of European democracy. But this convinced a large part of Latvian society. Including politicians, enacting the laws of war, the intelligentsia, the masses explaining their justification, and the masses who believe these explanations and vote for these politicians.

Indicative detail: defenders of the civilized West from the wild of Russia and its agents, fighting cartoons, demonstrate the intransigence of the brothers Koichi and other ISIS-and Russian-speaking recorded in the Asian dictatorship of followers, arrange the social media campaign "Es esmu Ušakovs", Calcarea French "Je suis Charlie".

However, it should be aware of: responsible for freedom of expression and basic common sense of the Russian-speaking was not due to some of its own merits — but because of their marginalised status. Marginal we were appointed. When the Latvian population was divided into those who are always right and those who are to blame, we recorded into the second category. But the top one have the privilege to believe that even after a quarter-century of independence, they are not responsible for their own failures, nor for the country's problems.

Irresponsible thing pleasant — that's just bought it at the price of detachment from reality. And the further the gap, the greater the need of collective efforts to maintain a soothing illusion, and the more aggression in those who had this illusion does not. In the end, subjective with objective reality breaks completely: say you, continuing in his own eyes to be a beacon and defender of democracy, in practice, profess (almost literally!) the formula Orwellian "War is peace, freedom is slavery". With regard to the Latvian modernity: "the World is a "hybrid war", the blocking of sites and timing for jokes on the Internet is freedom of speech".

The discrepancy is illusory, drawn by the ideologists of the world with this — the reason for the constant underlying neurosis for the inhabitants of illusion. Because of their inadequate reaction distinguishes anger: the child does not understand in Latvian? He is nasty to treat! The child's mother unhappy? To bait it in social networks!! The mayor posted pictures of a cyclist? Throw him in jail for supporting genocide!!!

False reality in some ways comfortable, but okay to live in it — take a look at drug addicts and crazy. That's just in our situation, the output from the collective "trip" means a departure from the country. Statistics of emigration — the verdict of the national ideology.

...And, Yes, of course, is to blame the occupation, I forgot!

Everything, everything, don't need me in jail, I realized and repented. Es neesmu Ušakovs.