Just compare the media attention — local and foreign — to the memory of the Latvian legionaries and other holidays and memorial dates, formal and informal.

A week ago, the chief of the security Police Mivies warned in a TV interview that insidious Russia may use our on 16 March for their needs. Meant, apparently, is to tarnish the image of Latvia and for provocations. Interestingly, our bosses really don't think that the vilification and provocations are the first organizers of the celebration in honour of veterans of SS units? What is the best way to avoid pointing fingers at you and shouting "Savage!" to stop publicly and plainly challenge the EU to defecate in the middle of the living room?

A year ago my Moscow friends — by the way, Westerners, in General, sympathetic to Latvia — with sincere bewilderment asked why it's all the Latvians? Supposedly, SS is just indecent by any European standards, n'est-ce pas?

The indecency of what is happening is obvious, of course, and many Latvians because they are so annoying excited the attention of the media, especially Russian, to the annual March parade of two-and-a-half old veterans not as big of a support group in the person of deputies and crazy. Popular opinion States that the event of the state scale of the day of legionaries fanned deliberately. However the obvious way — simply stop doing indecent things, then the rise will not be — is not considered by definition. And this fact very much and very important about our country. So, on March 16 and really more important for her than 18 November (in the end, independence Day not only celebrates who — unlike the Day of the veteran SS) or June 23. Even though the March of the procession informal, not too massive, but the attitude towards them in Latvian environment are rather contradictory.

But to ban the event in honor of the Latvian Legion and to abandon a neutral (at best) or even moderately respectful (usually) attitude to his men, betraying the whole world after the letters SS anathema, for Latvia it is impossible. At stake things are more important than reputational risk. At stake is the basic Foundation of national identity.

History often serves as such a base. Jews, regardless of nationality or political views, consolidates the memory of the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide of 1915 year-Russian — the memory of the great Patriotic war. Russian can have a passport, for example, Latvia, to be a patriot to be critical of the policy of modern Russia — but the idea of war with Hitler as the main national sacrifice, the victory over Hitler as a major national triumph and Hitler and Nazism as an Absolute Evil for him — for me! — solidly.

Personally, I like the thesis of Nazism as a black hole, emitting a single quantum of light, it seems does not require evidence. But if someone needs proof, let him, for example, will go in Poland's Auschwitz camp and walk around the Museum, since admission is free.

However, it is near Auschwitz happened a story I recently heard from a friend. He, being a Russian, works in the Latvian team and was on the South of Poland on a business trip with several colleagues. The conversation about Auschwitz, near which they were passing, insensitive, but quickly turned into an emotional argument. All colleagues-Latvians choir began to prove to my Russian friend, that Stalin's regime was criminal and worse than Hitler, and the war was to blame for it. It is worth considering that on a national-ideological basis, they never had problems with that among the participants of the dispute was not hard-nosed nationalists that the nation is getting quite intelligent.

The essence here is not in the arguments in favor of the concept of "USSR criminal of the Reich" (some of them can be found in rezuna-Suvorov and his ilk). The essence is in the plant. In the distribution of poles of evil.

It is clear that for many Latvians by Stalin — the same starting point negative, as for many Russians — Hitler. If the main historical tragedy of the Soviet occupation, the main villain is the Soviet leader.

And the problem here is not in the recognition of the moustached Generalissimo villain. In the end, reason to believe it so I have more than any of the Latvians — not least because of my people, Russians, and Stalin in relative and especially in absolute terms has destroyed a lot more than the Latvian.

The problem is the inevitable conclusion following from contention: "the worst — Stalin USSR". Because if it is absolute evil, all that he opposed, automatically falls into the category of let relative, but good. Including Hitler, Himmler, the SS and the Waffen-SS.

What is the meaning to defend the right of the SS Legionnaires at the annual marches in front of the whole astonished world? Slyly to prove that the Latvians, priehavshie Hitler, have absolutely nothing to do with Nazi crimes (as if the Legion did not go chastisers from police units)? To plead with bleach on that black dog of the Baskervilles?

If the stench of a certain substance is evident throughout, including the unloved
The highly respected Moscow and Washington — the hell with such tenacity in her climb?

But then, to prove to ourselves the thesis, fundamental to the entire national ideology.

Of course, no sympathy for the Nazi theories and practices made adequate intelligent Latvians in the vicinity of Auschwitz to engage in indirect advocacy of Hitler. But the concept itself is not justifying Nazism, brought to this bar only a few logical moves.

And this is the worst service that the ideologists of the modern Latvia had my fellow Latvians.