By the way, while it seems that four-legged whines not as loud as hoped, the gentlemen with the knife. Before the operation, still evaluating the proposal of the Minister Sadurskis, Latvian political analysts surveyed by LETA, gleefully predicted: "Pro-Russian forces", if the proposal passes, will raise a loud cry! No need to be a scientist to understand that it is for this treacherous Pro-Russian Creek circumcision was started. Order ahead of the elections, which cares Kuchinskis, to poke a finger in the screaming enemies! enemies!

For decades empirically found that our dog reacts the most painful — at the time it was out the same Sadurskis. So it would be foolish, preparing for elections, not to tend once again the Russian school. And not only school: next year the Ministry of education will reach a five-year children in kindergartens — a new educational standard will force them to speak Latvian. As explained, for admission to Latvian school. And in non-Latvian — yet! — school should learn the state language, to pass on the exam (we all remember the recent innovations). And those, in turn, is needed for admission to latyshskiy, by definition, a University.

In fact, these explanations can be considered logical. Aside from the many surrounding circumstances. What all this for some reason is called integration, although much more like assimilation. From what we supposedly doing good, one is fundamentally and deliberately did not think to ask our opinion. What help is offered exclusively in the form of tightening of the regime (this is stated, more than specifically, on "teaching the teachers" — if mentioned extremely vaguely). Although it is easy to guess: the mere tightening of the quality of teaching will not improve, but exactly the opposite.

By the way, the quality is generally low and in Russian schools in Latvian. Only against the first working objective circumstances (demographic — Russian in Latvia is dying out noticeably faster Latvians) and subjective (political). It's time to give them — minority schools — another reason for stress. For the sake of their own good, ha ha! For the sake of improving the competitive position of their graduates!

It is clear that neither Sadurskis or Netblock, which has nominated its own requirements for "minority" schools, nor at what delirium does not want the real competitiveness of Russian local labour market. As well as a real reduction of the degree of ethnic tension (which tension they all have a political career). That's just the hypocrisy of school reformers does not negate their formal declarations.

Yes, know Latvian, and you need to know as well — objectively in the interests of Russian students.

Not in order to prove loyalty to the state. Not in order to assimilate. Namely, that for a trip to the social Elevator.

Russian command of the local Elevator does not understand. Rather, he is forbidden to fulfill them. Is it fair? No. Humiliating? Yes. But if you don't speak Latvian, up you just will not rise.

It is not a question of political beliefs and national identity. It is a question of personal ambitions.

Somewhere else on the turn of the Millennium we co-wrote in the long defunct Latvian newspaper column called "the Jewish response to the Russian question." That Russians in Latvia are forced to adopt a strategy of Diaspora Jews. Minority, not too beloved by most, is considered strange and suspicious. You are in a worse position than the local. Don't want to be a pariah, whether actively local. Be smarter, harder, a little faster. The fact and the reasons for the success of the Jews-foreigners in different countries and in different fields, so irritating anti-Semites. Why, they say, the Russian song ever — "Katyusha" — composed by Matvei Isaakovich (Blanter), and sang one of the first Faith Israelevna (Krasovitskaya)?!

That's the meaning of the column was that Russian in Latvia should be more active Latvians. Not necessarily better than them to sing līgo dziesmas. But at least know their native language is not worse. A simple alternative to low social status.

Can't be a Jewish banker — become a Tajik janitor.

It was quite clear even then, almost twenty years ago. And what happened during the reporting period? Who are Russians in Latvia? Rather, bankers (composers, scientists, etc.) or rather janitors?

And who is whom.

Legitimate reason for gloating pride give us Latvian patriots, had long outraged by the fact that in their national government when job knowledge is absolutely non-state language along with the state — often gives Russian an advantage.

But there sadly think we have enough. What is our activity and what are the successes in politics — at least in recent years, when the results of the chief of the "Russian" party all the worse in the parliamentary and municipal elections? This year she, according to popular belief, even in the Riga city Council is not pleased in opposition only through secret means Latvians apostates. How does the current state of Russian media in comparison with what it was fifteen years ago (pathetic), not to mention thirty - (this is shame)? What part of local musical, theatrical, literary, etc. of the product produced by the Russians? I do not ask: what kind of Latvian "Katyusha", which country, learn abroad, wrote Russian?

Those infrequent cases when the local Russian pride of the whole country, without distinction of nationalities, are almost (almost?) exclusively to the field of sports. Wasn Alena Ostapenko. But sport is indifferent not only to language but also to education (do not be offended athletes).

The two communities are still comparable in numbers — and if you compare their representation in the elite of the country: political, economic, cultural? For example, the causes of political disparities are evident, for example, in business, nationality is not especially important (which is why the corresponding statistics are hard to find), but in the fields of culture and media, the picture is revealing and sad.

A month ago a journalist of the Russian "" wrote the material about the Baltic Russian. Called "They are always talking about the food". It's about us, hungry. "The inhabitants of the Russian megacities unusual to see the cities where all heavy or dirty work Russian," — says the Muscovite, who decided that we are here — namely, that instead of the Tajiks. The article begins with a picture of Riga's bolderāja. Describing it as a mere leper colony, the author said that "Baltic" — Russian ghetto.

Of course, the article is a lot of exaggeration, nonsense, notorious snobbery. But who would argue with the fact that Bolderaja district — prestigious, not the most affluent and predominantly English speaking? Let's be honest: if to Riga on a dark street in a bad quarter stick drunk punks — what is the probability that it will be Latvian, and what is that Russian?

Well, if what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But many external pressure breaks. Existing pressure — not that it is very strong, but noticeable and constant — we, Russian of Latvia, have not developed any collective strategy of resistance. So, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the character.

Thrown into an alien environment can become a good swimmer, maybe drowned. But no Ded Mazay for us not come, do not wait.