It is known that the Jews are a people exiled, the greater part of his career, they have lived outside their historical homeland, under the malevolent power of local rulers. Something similar happened with many citizens of the former USSR after its collapse in 1991. The famous figure of 25 million Russians found themselves outside Russia. Some of them, of course, over the years has moved to Russia, part – assimilated. But it is unlikely that the number of victims of the collapse less: we can speak not only of those who have written in the passport "Russian", but about the majority Russian – speaking- people of other nationalities, accepted the Russian culture.

From divided the peoples of the border affected not only Russian. And if the Ossetians were lucky that the border is actually erased due to the formation of semi-independent South Ossetia, unity of the Lezgin people still destroys the Russian-Azerbaijani border.

Victims of the collapse are not always associated with Russia: almost all the borders were in the living. Isn't it a shame Uzbeks of the Ferghana valley find themselves in unfriendly Kyrgyzstan?

In short, if we stop at these 25 millions, you can say: in 1991, there was a disaster that affected more people than the misery banished in ancient days from Palestine Jews.

Now a little about the actual Passover. As you know, almost any holiday, secular or religious – a celebration of a historical event. In this case we are talking about the successful escape of Jews from slavery in Egypt, which happened in the middle of the second Millennium BC.

It is clear why this festival has become a major: the longing of the scattering of people recalled a case where succeeded, overcoming all obstacles, to gain the Promised Land. The whole procedure of the celebration of the first day, the so-called Seder, is from the draw in every family plays, the content of which is strictly regulated and is not changed for millennia. The play ends with this appeal – it could be called toast, because such a sin not to drink – "next year in Jerusalem!"

Now a little arithmetic. If the beginning of the exile is considered the year 66 ad, when the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, and his end – the creation of Israel in 1948, it turns out that it is enough for a year in 1882 to repeat his fondest wish and it comes true. Why would such tactics do not elect to victims of the collapse of the Soviet Union?

This approach makes a ridiculous mantras which are considered to be indisputable in the modern world. For example, the need for ethnic cohesion in the new States. The Jews have survived for centuries precisely because they no one was integrated. On the contrary, opposed themselves to the majority society.

The beauty of Passover? That on the same day and hour all of our around the world say the same magic words about Jerusalem. And none of the opponents; it does not say. And that is what we are different from theirs – and not profession, mother tongue or citizenship.

And here's a paradox: not only now, but throughout history was under enormous pressure in favour of consolidation of the society around existed at a specific point in Nations and their States. Of course, there were people who pressure is not kept and integrated. But all these peoples and Nations, especially from the first Millennium, disappeared without a trace. And stubborn, the Jews have survived for centuries.

Another problem is the need to respect international law. If we add the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union – 1991 Jewish 1882 in exile, it turns out that the rate of happy overcoming of the catastrophe will only happen in 3873 year. Does anyone know what are the international laws? But if not know – why procrastinate?

Some of the victims of the disaster in 1991 today is already partially or completely returned to the state, which she considers to be fair: the Karabakh, the already mentioned South Ossetia, Crimea, Donbass. International law prefers to bury its head in the sand and not recognize these changes. Do they have enough patience to deny what happened almost two millennia? And shouldn't you be happy for the people who have achieved the inevitable justice almost a hundred times faster than the destiny?

At the same time, we can assume not only brutal, but also quite a democratic model of overcoming disaster. For example, the former Soviet Republic enters the European Union, and the Union becomes a Federation. National laws, and with them the borders play a diminishing role, in fact, the Soviet Union combined with the European and occupies a large part of the Eurasian continent.

Today, this scenario seems quite incredible. But remember, as a quarter of a century ago, everyone was talking about "a unified Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok"? And who knows what will happen in another 25 years – not to mention the centuries and millennia? The main lesson that the Jewish people gave humanity, stubbornly celebrating the Passover, is that in your dreams you should not restrain yourself momentary geopolitical realities have to dream boldly and freely.

Now about the main difference. If consistent in their cruelty, the Romans expelled the Jews from Palestine almost without exception, all the divided peoples of the former USSR the majority of the population remained in the metropolis.

On the one hand, this eases the situation of the Diaspora: the metropolis is having some support - both moral and financial, and sometimes military. On the other – being determines consciousness, and the different conditions of life lead to a lack of understanding.

Recently on Latvian TV showed a talk show devoted to another attempt of prohibition in Latvia, the Russian state media. Among the guests was the Moscow film Director Vitaly Mansky, a few years ago moved to Riga. He attacked the journalist "Companion": how you - a citizen of Latvia, as you can work on such false propaganda portal, owned by Russia!

This journalist, a friend of mine, perplexed. Of course, he, as a citizen of Latvia, is extremely critical of what is happening in our country. Similarly, Mansky, as a citizen of Russia, does not accept the political realities of his homeland, so he left her.

And then different: mana is a non-issue with the Russian policy because of their views. Latvian journalist – because Latvia is hurting our. German for "Satellite" - a mouthpiece of the hostile Russian propaganda. For my colleagues the opportunity to refute no less odious Latvian propaganda. And well that our help, paying for this work. And so we should not get involved in disputes with our there, in Russia. Although, if I were the Russians, I gladly would have done.

Last question – what holiday should be the equivalent of the Passover in the former Soviet Union? What day it is most apt to proclaim: "next year in the Soviet Union!" and immediately give for this?

Then the General answer is no, but for the Baltic States and Ukraine, he is unequivocal: 9 may. Because on this day we defeated Hitler, not only is he the world's no successor left. Were defeated and the Baltic SS legions, Bandera and the UPA. It is with these armies largely associate themselves ruling today in the Baltic States and Ukraine regimes. So in 1945 we won Nenashev, and we got to celebrate.

Of course, the Victory Day multiple values. A commemoration of the dead is also very important. But the more time that passes since the end of the war, the fewer people that these victims can remember. Time is merciless – we really can experience the personal warm feelings only to those with whom they themselves were familiar.

Any Russian citizen, visited Riga on May 9, says that we have this day is celebrated much wider and, most importantly, more fun than in Russia. Despite the working day, the hundred-thousandth crowd of people at the monument to the Liberators, a concert from morning till evening, joyful hugs, food, some booze on the sly, a Grand salute at the end. And the almost complete lack of Latvian speech. Not that Latvians do not call back – they would feel themselves strangers. Like in the synagogue.

That is why in Latvia the celebration of May 9 is considered a manifestation of disloyalty. Each year, the ideologues argue that it is necessary to do to young people did not go there – young and more.

Of course, the legendary tenacity of the Jews the great role played by religion. In modern society simply can not be the same leading and guiding force. Nevertheless, Russian-speaking people outside Russia, demonstrate a remarkable ability to self-organize. I'd like to hope that fulfillment of desires will come faster, although you never know in what form.