It's funny to translate this phrase into modern Russian language, the protection of which was made by the protesters, it was difficult. Therefore, the posters were written in old Church Slavonic and state "I am Latvia!". Our language does not allow such a ridiculous question...

Of course, not matter what they write on the placards the protesters at any rally. Everything is understood, and the rally — certainly not a place for discussion. But the ideologues of the event certainly hope that the dispute will be moved to a more appropriate place, and their logic will convince opponents that it is not necessary to fight with Russian kids, which are an integral part of Latvia. This is a profound mistake.

Let's start with a strictly legal approach. Latvia is not an abstraction but a very real state. It is a democratic mechanism of political decision-making — elections are held. The elected Parliament appoints the government. Ministers is collectively approved person responsible for the development of a particular industry. Thus, Latvia in the field of education Karlis Shadurskis. And speaking against the proposed policy, we are actually acting against the state in education.

Of course, anyone can make a mistake, and Sadurskis no exception. But this is not the case: the pre-transfer of education into Latvian was supported by all parties of the diet, in addition to "Consent". In other words, three-quarters of legitimately elected members of Parliament. And if "Black Karlis" get spooked and abandon the reforms, he will go against the will of the state, to appoint him to a responsible position.

But maybe everyone's wrong and we'll be able to convince? Put yourself in the place of the opponent. If a person generation Sadurskis, he remembers himself in the Soviet era. If we argue with someone from the young shoots, like Raivis Dzintars, it is about Soviet times told the elders — the whole country is aware of the case.

So, the Soviet Union greatly offended Latvians. Was eliminated their state confiscated property — and even a piece of land was owned by almost every family. Came many people from other republics, and all these people clamoring to be talked to in Russian. Latvians were bad, but they obediently joined the Komsomol, the party, made a career and hypocritically claimed to be real Soviet people. Thus, they lulled the vigilance of the occupiers and at the opportune moment overthrew their power, restoring the Republic of Latvia.

Go ahead. Recreated Latvia offended Latvians. Their country was abroad, they declared a foreign language, most of them are denied the right to vote. Now they want their schools to translate into Latvian. They claim that they are part of Latvia. Obviously faking it, as you pretended to be Latvians in Soviet times? But who, if not the Latvians to recognize this trick!

Assume that talented polemicists will be able to refute this approach and to convince the conditional Sadurskis-Dzintars in his sincerity. There is such a thing as masochism, and about the Stockholm syndrome, they heard something... But then the more we have to learn Latvian! Didn't you read our wonderful Constitution? Starting with the preamble: "the Latvian state founded... on the basis of immutable state will of the Latvian nation and its inalienable right to self-determination, to ensure centuries in the preservation and development of the Latvian nation, its language and culture..." Well, what could be Russian schools in this approach? The state created of Dzintaru-Shadurskisom to make them feel good. And the rest have every right to assimilate and replenish the slender ranks of this nation chosen by God.

Here I want to digress a bit and refer to the genius of the tale that we all learned in school, but I'm afraid that most forgotten. We are talking about "Taras Bulba". It's amazing how the writer of the XIX century Nikolai Gogol, describing the events of XVII century, was able to predict much of what happened in Ukraine in the twentieth and twenty-first century! And the prevailing belief that happiness leads to creative work, and permamentnaya war. And especially the Maidan, to overthrow peace-loving Cossack too, which is that queer believes that these "busurman" obligations are worth something. And "Volyn massacre" — the city of Dubno, besieged by Cossacks, is located in the Volyn region and one of the most prominent commanders of the Ukrainian rebels in 1941 — 1943 was a man named "Taras Bulba". And volunteer battalions, as two drops of water similar to a predatory troop of Taras Bulba in his RAID on Poland after the death of Ostap...

But it's all about Ukraine, and one episode typical of any nationalist movement. The situation is this: in Zaporozhye arrive messengers, telling about the tragic situation "in the Ukraine". In particular, "that the Holy Church has no longer ours... Now, the Jews have they leased. If the Jew did not pay in advance, then the mass can not edit".

Of course, the answer to such blasphemy can only be a pogrom. To "Borderland" away, but "the Jews" is very near. "And the crowd rushed to the suburbs with a desire to cut off all the Jews." Today, this reasoning is politically incorrect. However, at the level of the signals, this logic works very well. And not by chance the idea of transfer of Russian schools on the Latvian goes hand in hand with talking about the aggressive policy of Russia, which threatens peace in Latvia.

Back to the story. Among the doomed was he named Yankel who just Taras allowed to make a defensive speech. "How is it possible that we think about Cossacks something bad! Those are not ours, those that arendators in the Ukraine! It is God, not ours! It is not the Jews: that God knows what. Something that only to spit on him, and throw!"

Yankel clearly sets out the paradigm of "I am Latvia": he stressed that isn't the one who deserved repression. In our case, though protesting against reform speak of the enemy the Russian language, but no relation to Russia, they don't have is a misunderstanding. And the next sentence he commits a fatal mistake: "We Cossacks as brothers...".

Payback should immediately: "How? that the Cossacks were your brothers? — said one of the crowd. Do not wait, damn Jews! The Dnepr them, gentles! All drown, heathens!" These words were the signal. The Jews had snapped up a hand and began to throw into the waves. A plaintive cry rang out from all sides, but the harsh Cossacks only laughed, seeing how the Jews 'legs in shoes and stockings dangling in the air".

It is obvious that the logic of "I am Latvia!" favorably perceived by the nationalists, only in its introductory part, "I'm not Russia!". Continued "therefore, we are like you" to what was expected by the ideologues of the rally, in contrast, is the trigger to violence is because I deeply resent people who are confident in their superiority by right of birth.

It is very important that the rioters accompany their actions with a joyous laugh. Because human ethics forbids to offend their peers, and it is necessary to see the victim's suffering something comical. So, with sarcasm, reacted to the meeting the Latvian media. They say, surely someone will listen seriously to those ridiculous old men with placards standing in the way of progress.

Let's go back to the preamble of the Constitution — which prompted her to enter. While it was not, the official ideology was in contradiction with the real attitude of a large part of the citizens. On the one hand, politically correct to talk about his Latvian patriotism all inhabitants of the country. On the other — foreigners do take seriously the democratic husk of the old Constitution. And with all the strangeness of composing the Preface to the document, written 92 years ago, the preamble addresses this contradiction. From this it is immediately clear who the owner in the country.

By the way, the Yankel to Taras destroy does not. And during the entire action of the novel Yankel and it appears, concluding with Taras mutually beneficial transactions. In one episode — just saved his life.

It's time to jump to conclusions. The statement "I am Latvia" is not just wrong in fact, if it is used by defenders of Russian schools. It is contrary to the Constitution — Latvia national state of Latvians. It is counterproductive, it prevents to reach the goal — the preservation of Russian education and the Russian-speaking community in General.

We are not Latvia, we just live in this state as the Latvians at the time lived in the Soviet Union. But we have our own legitimate interests, may be contrary to the interests of Latvia. And we insist that Latvia with us was considered. This coexistence may be peaceful and mutually beneficial. And we want small: don't touch our children and our schools. If we will consistently and firmly stand in this position, then Latvia will abandon their evil plans.