After a draw in Brussels with "Angelegten" (1:1) "Manchester United" had to work hard to eventually break at old Trafford resistance of the Belgian team. This happened already in the extra half hour thanks to the excellent game in the penalty 19-year-old Marcus Rashford— 2:1.

The Spanish "Celta" was enough for a minimal victory at home (3:2) to pass the sum of the two matches the other Belgian club Genk. Everything was decided by a goal scored in away that the players of Genk managed to answer only one successful action— 1:1.

German Schalke managed to win in the second leg immediately after the break, two week ago, missed a goal and the match eventually went into two additional 15 minute halves. Here is the club from Gelsenkirchen scored the third goal. The problem of "Ajax" was aggravated by the fact that by the time the team were down to ten men (even in the 80th minute was removed Veltman). But then came the first miracle (the first goal Viergever 110 minutes), and the outcome of the match and second, when Younes made the score 3:2 in favor of Schalke. So, the sum of two matches has passed further the Dutch club.

The longest I had it out in the local Istanbul "Besiktas" and the French "lion". The first match in France was marred by the clash of the fans, and ended with a minimal victory of Lyon (2:1). At home, the Turkish club managed to achieve the same result, but in their favor. Additional half-hour brought nothing, and the shootout lasted for 16 beats. The first twelve players from both teams punched unblemished, and then faltered, the Serbian player "Besiktas" Tosic, whose shot was parried by Lopes. However, Jaillet makes a return gift, launching the ball over the crossbar. But beat later, the Croatian legionary of the Turkish club, Marosevic also failed to beat the Keeper, "Lyon", and coming up after the ball the captain of the guests Gonalons all played well and put an end to this confrontation — 6:7 in favour of the representative of France.

Europa League-2016/17. 1/4 finals (second leg):

Manchester United England — Anderlecht Belgium 2:1-D. V. (1:1, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0)
Goals: Mkhitaryan (10), Rashford (107) — Hanni (32)

MJ: Romero, Rojo (blind, 23), Bailly, Shaw, Valencia, Lingard (Fellaini, 60), Pogba, Carrick, Mkhitaryan, Rashford ibrahimović (martial, 90).

Anderlecht: Martinez, Mbodji, Obradovic, Appiah, Speech, Hanni (Stanciu, 64), Dendoncker, Kipco (Bruno 64), Tielemans, Acheampong, Teodorczyk (Thelin, 79).

Warning: Tielemans (11), Appiah (97).
The first match— 1:1.

Genk Belgium — Celta Vigo Spain 1:1 (0:0)
Goals: Trassard (67) Sisto (63)

Genk: Ryan, Kastani, Brabec (Devast, 81), Collie, Lost, Berg, Malinowski (Boetius, 72), Boeffel (Schrijvers, 72), Pozuelo, Trassard, Samatta.

Celta: Alvarez, Mallo, Cabral, Fontàs, Castro, Hernandez, Radoja, ASPAs, Wass (Jozabad, 80), Sisto, Guidetti (Bovy, 42